EMSI Public Relations

National Print Campaign

With over 137 million Americans regularly reading a daily newspaper and more than 31,000 publications ranging from antiques to zoology, plus news websites attracting nearly 100 million unique monthly visitors, it is clear that print media holds mass appeal as a key source of entertainment and information and is where our clients need to be spotlighted.

Our performance-based print campaign comes with a guarantee of 10 million impressions, which is a combination of visitors per month to news websites and the circulation of offline publications.

As you may know, with long lead times at major publications, the fruits of our labor to acquire editorial coverage seldom show up immediately. But once obtained, every newspaper piece, side bar, magazine article or simple mention can be used to fuel more and more interest from the media. The value of a portfolio with current press clippings is immeasurable when trying to get the attention of journalists at major magazines or senior producers of national TV shows.

To discuss how this campaign would be of benefit to your business, please call today at 1-800-881-7342.