EMSI Public Relations

Interviews on Talk Radio

A series of talk radio interviews is an excellent promotional strategy that provides broad and immediate national exposure for our clients.

Why talk radio? It’s a desirable audience. Talk radio listener demographics are described by Talkers Magazine, the top periodical for the talk radio industry, as follows:

--- “Talk radio listeners are diverse, mature, educated, attentive, active and affluent…”

--- “A majority of the talk radio audience is… 35 – 64.”

--- “Economically, talk radio’s audience has to be considered among mass media’s most affluent. 42% of the talk radio audiences have a household income in excess of $60,000 per year, and 62% earn over $50,000.”

--- “Relative to other forms of mass media, the talk radio audience is clearly one of the most educated, with a notably high percentage of listeners who have attended one or more years of college. (35% have graduated with a four-year college degree.)”

--- “ … the gap between men and women in the audience has narrowed by two more percentage points, bringing it to 54% male / 46% female.”

Talk radio is a dynamic medium with an audience of actively engaged listeners. Listeners tune in to hear what the host and guests are talking about daily. The voices heard by the listener are often regarded as coming from old friends or even a trusted advisor. That’s why the relationships hosts have established with listeners constitutes a strong third-party endorsement for our clients.

EMSI has been arranging talk radio interviews for nearly twenty years, scheduling 50 to 60 interviews every week. As a result, talk show hosts and producers around the country consider EMSI to be one of their primary sources of guests, topics and experts.

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