Lam Institute for Hair Restoration

Crown Hair Transplant

The crown also known as the vertex is an area of the scalp that may require hair transplantation either in isolation or in combination with other regions of the scalp. The crown is perhaps the most technically demanding area to transplant well because of the extreme hair angle changes that occur in the crown in a whorl, or spiral, pattern, that must be meticulously recreated for a seamlessly natural result. That is why Dr. Lam has put together extensive videos and photographs to show why he consistently achieves superlative results with crown hair restoration.

There are a few basic facts about the crown hair restoration that every individual should know before contemplating having crown hair replacement surgery.

The crown is in a state of ongoing recession, meaning that additional hair restoration sessions may be required in the future to cover further baldness that may occur over time.
That is why Dr. Lam prefers not to transplant the crown in someone under 35 years of age as a general rule for fear that he will have insufficient donor hair to cover the bald area over time.
The crown requires extensive number of grafts to achieve an excellent result and may require two sessions depending on the extent of baldness.
If the front and the crown are experiencing extensive hair loss, the result can appear both unnatural and lack density if the front, center, and crown are addressed surgically during one transplant session.
Someone contemplating hair restoration in the crown is advised to be on medical management (finasteride and/or minoxidil) to retard further hair loss in the crown so as to minimize the need for further transplant sessions.

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