Lam Institute for Hair Restoration

Male Hair Transplant

Male hair transplant involves creating a hairline that matches the natural patterns of hair loss that afflicts the male patient so as to make the result appear absolutely seamless to any observer at any range. We encourage you to learn more about male hair replacement by reviewing both the evolution of male pattern hair loss or baldness and our technique for male hair transplants. As male hair restoration remains the most common reason for hair transplant surgery, the majority of this website focuses on both the surgical and non-surgical (medical, camouflage, etc.) techniques to restore hair and to limit further hair loss in men.

Before male hair transplant surgery can be undertaken, the nature and evolution of male pattern baldness should be fully grasped by the surgeon and the patient alike. This is why this website so explicitly covers both the nature of hair loss in the male patient and the technique to restore hair in the male patient.

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