Lam Institute for Hair Restoration

Asian Hair Transplant

Asian hair transplant has been considered one of the hardest types of hair transplant to do well owing to the unique characteristics of the Asian hair shaft and hair to scalp color contrast. However, by evaluating the individual’s head shape, pattern of hair loss, and factoring in ethnicity, Dr. Lam is able to provide both artistic and culturally sensitive hair restoration for the Asian patient. We invite you to review the extensive photographs and videos that highlight Dr. Lam’s mastery of the art of Asian hair restoration.

Asian hair has a slightly wider, rounder hairlines that fit their facial features. For Asian hair transplantation, the very thick, straight black hair against a paler skin background must be placed at very low angles to appear natural. Asian hair restoration is a common procedure at the Lam Institute for Asian Hair Restoration.

Dr. Lam has written numerous scientific articles, contributed to major medical textbooks, and has written several books on the topic of hair transplantation and asian cosmetic surgery. Dr. Lam also lectures nationally and internationally about his hair restoration techniques and is considered an expert in the field.

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