da Gurus Announces the Early Mover Advantage

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Harrisburg, PA, August 18, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Ever heard of the Internet millionaires? They were the early movers on new websites who soon established a sound reputation and turned their web presence to high sales and super profits. This is a fresh opportunity for the Gurus to get the early movers advantage and get paid to share their knowledge and to provide answers, solutions and services on http://www.daGur.us.

da Gurus is the world of answers, solutions and services to questions under any topic in the world. They believe that every person is an expert or a Guru in some field or the other. They respect the Gurus in every field, be it a great gardener, super plumber, an expert electrician or a meticulous accountant. Many people already share your knowledge and provide answers on the Internet for free in your spare time to help others. But they don't necessarily receive money or respect for sharing their knowledge.

da Gurus invites the Gurus to resolve problems, answer questions and share their knowledge with the Seekers. Gurus will not only earn the money they deserve for sharing their knowledge, but above all they will receive the respect that they deserve. da Gurus provides a convenient platform to build one’s income and business on the side and they will get paid to share their knowledge and expertise.

To sum it up, da Gurus is the world of "answers, solutions and services". For Gurus wishing to take advantage of this, they should join da Gurus community, establish an early presence and build their reputation by earning valuable feedback

See here for more details about how does it work http://www.dagur.us/welcome.php and register today for free. Gurus can subscribe to receive email notifications every time a new question is posted in their field of expertise. They can start bidding for questions under any and every field and start receiving the money to share their knowledge. Remember, this website is only serious Gurus / Experts / Professionals who wish to share their knowledge and earn to help others.

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Anand Mathuria