Compton Tape and Label Joins the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy

In response to an increasing demand for technically advanced anti-counterfeit, product authentication and traceability labels, Compton Tape and Label has joined the US Chamber of Commerce sponsored Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy.

Greensboro, NC, August 20, 2008 --( Compton Tape and Label (CTL) of Madison, NC became the first flexo-print company founded in North Carolina to join the US Chamber of Commerce's Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (CACP). Brothers Tom and Will Compton have committed to leading CTL in becoming the leading producer of anti-counterfeit, product authentication and traceability labels in the world.

Global counterfeiting and food safety are two of the hottest topics in Congress today. The global counterfeiting problem is conservatively estimated to be at $750 billion (US) and the problem is estimated to be at $250 billion (US) in the United States. This type of activity costs thousands of American jobs and endangers every citizen. From pharmaceuticals to auto parts, from airline parts to apparel, from shampoo and perfume to CD's and DVD's, counterfeiters are destroying our markets and our lives. The Compton’s (and many others) have had enough. According to Tom Compton, President of CTL, "nearly every product in our market place is open to counterfeiting. We spend our resources on developing new and improved systems and the counterfeiters ignore all intellectual property rights and steal the technology. What's worse is that citizens are being duped into purchases of counterfeit products that are in fact dangerous. Enough is enough and we at CTL intend to lead the fight in taking back the intellectual properties of our customers."

Devising a plan of this magnitude and staging implementation did not occur overnight. Compton Tape and Label scoured the business world for professionals with the expertise to help accomplish their lofty goals. CTL hired Bob Driggers as Business Development Manager and together they mapped out a plan to fight back. First, CTL laid out a three tier approach in education that began with internal education. Many hours and dollars were spent to educate internal employees on the need for CTLs new product line. Second, CTL began the process of educating the customer base on the need for brand protection and traceability. Third, CTL will be instrumental in educating the greater community on these needs. All three tiers will be an ongoing process. Will Compton, VP at CTL states "we understand the scope of our goal and we understand the commitment involved. We also understand that the complexity of the problem doesn't necessarily fall into our former areas of expertise. By creating planned partnerships with like-minded organizations we will have a positive impact. Joining the CACP is not an end-it is a beginning."

Food safety and traceability labels go hand in hand. Recent outbreaks of e-coli in spinach and salmonella-saint Paul in jalapenos have caused Congress to step up the demand for traceability systems. Several deaths and thousands of illnesses combined with millions in lost revenue have the produce industry scratching their head. Parlaying their product line for anti-counterfeit labels into food safety/traceability is a natural fit for CTL. Ensuring consumers of what product was where in the supply chain and when it was there is paramount to food safety. Mr. Driggers claims, "Each level of security and each level of traceability in a label adds cost to the label-it does not have to add cost to the final product. By working with customers and making a paradigm shift from cost-based purchasing to value-added purchasing we intend to work with our customers to improve their bottom line."

Compton Tape and Label is proud to be the first flexo-based company from NC to become a member of the CACP. Mr. Driggers can be reached at (336) 548-4400 to answer any questions you may have on this endeavor.

Compton Tape and Label
Bob Driggers
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