Marketing Plan Pro Powered by Duct Tape Marketing Included in Business901 Program Offerings

Fort Wayne, IN, August 24, 2008 --( Joe Dager, owner of Business901 in Fort Wayne, IN has just included the new Marketing Plan Pro powered by Duct Tape Marketing as part of their planning programs and 28 Day Plan offerings. In fact, there is a complete 28-day program for Nonprofits and for profit companies that have been established for this product. Dager, an authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach/Consultant is well versed in these principles.

“The 28 Day Plans are really kits that have been compiled from the best material that these products offer and establishes a basic understanding on how to apply the principles of each through several seminar and then 28 days of coaching. By participating in group coaching it is like being a part of a mastermind group for 28-days,” says Dager. “The release of this software provides an excellent template for organizations to follow in creating a Duct Tape Marketing System.”

In this latest release of Marketing Plan Pro, Palo Alto Software has taken the award-winning Duct Tape Marketing methodology authored by John Jantsch and embedded it into Marketing Plan Pro–creating a product that will guide users through the process of creating a powerful marketing action plan that will help them understand how marketing and advertising can help successfully grow their businesses.

Tim Berry founder of Palo Alto Software said in his blog today, “'we have come to believe that this kind of business, the expert-in-a-box (sort of) that we've built with Business Plan Pro, needs authorship. Our product development team does the code, and the interface, so they're the ones who really build the software (and it's a team, in fact the largest team in our company). No one individual could do that. But the core content, the idea of it, the main concepts take living with, and working with, those elements come out best when there's an expert as author. As John is with Marketing.”

The Duct Tape Marketing system allows you to create and build your very own marketing system complimented by a coaching system that has proven effective with small businesses for over 20 years. The system is perfect for those who already own a business, but want to make it soar. This system will help manufacturers build the perfect business establishing a proven marketing system to their growing company. "Why reinvent the wheel? Take a proven process, a trained coach and run with it.”

About Business901
Joe Dager is President of Business901, a progressive coaching company providing no-nonsense direction in areas such as target marketing and organized referral marketing. As a certified coach of the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting organization, Joe provides practical, information-rich, immediately applicable direction that profoundly impacts the success of small and mid-sized businesses. His experience includes numerous start-ups, several turnarounds in variety of industries to include manufacturing, retail, and professional services to include marketing.

Joseph T. Dager