911CRM.com Announces Availability of "TeamCollaboration" - Web Based Team Collaboration Software to Create Web Database Applications in Minutes

Fremont, CA, September 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- 911CRM.com has announced today availability of "TeamCollaboration" software. Business users can create web database applications in minutes without IT support. Team of users can eliminate need to send emails back and forth by sharing and editing information in real time. Your data will be available anywhere & anytime. Instead of sending attachments in emails, users can update data online. It saves lot of time for teams by keeping team members on the same page all the time. It will reduce inefficiencies and reduce IT costs.Users access the application with web browser.

"TeamCollaboration" software is available as hosted service where you can be up and running in few minutes.

Application can be accessed thr' SSL(Secured Socket Layer) for enhanced security. All the traffic is encrypted for better security.

"TeamCollaboration" software is also available as appliance(hardware + software) which can be installed behind company's firewall.

Company owns and controls the data as per company's guidelines.
"TeamCollaboration" software can be also used for building intranet.

Demo of software is available at http://911CRM.com/demo.html
Detailed information about TeamCollaboration can be found at http://911CRM.com .

About 911CRM.com
911CRM.com provides "TeamCollaboration" - web based team collaboration software to create web database applications in minutes.
Product is suitable for Small and Medium Sized Businesses(SMB) as well as scalable for large enterprises.

Neal Jha