Free DVD to be Produced by Emmy Award Winning Documentary Film Maker to Celebrate Grandparents Day Sunday September 7th 2008

Rockville, MD, September 05, 2008 --( To celebrate grandparents day this Sunday September 7th three distinguished personal historians are offering to produce free DVDs to celebrate grandparents' lives. They will also provide free workshops.

Dr Laurence Peters, author ofLeave Something of Yourself Behind, Lifestory DVD productions (2008) and founder of LifestoryDVD will team up with
Debbie Brodsky, three time Emmy Award Winning documentary film maker and founder of DMB Pictures and Roberta Benor author of How to Succeed in Parenting: 120 Ways to Have a Great Family and founder of Let Us Remember will offer free workshops on how to create a lasting family memory using any format, audio, video or by writing it down.

Dr Laurence Peters comments "Most of us procrastinate when it comes to gift giving, we see such a limited range of possibilities--flowers, ties, photo albums, and such things--we use objects to express our love. For grandparents' day we are saying why not give some other possibilities a chance? With a DVD you can provide your grandparent with a gift that keeps giving..In our workshop we will teach you how to include photos--music and other items that help you either illustrate how special a moment spent with the grandparent was or to suggest the kind of bond you share with that grandparent."

All the speakers are committed to helping families make more use of modern technologies to create not just great presents but for ways that families might continue to grow closer together.

"The event should be a wonderful opportunity" adds Dr Peters "for the generations to come together."

The event is completely free of charge.

The event will be hosted by the Jewish Community Center on Sunday September 7th 6125 Montrose Road, Rockville between 1:00 and 4:00 pm.

Laurence Peters
301 318 5103