Announcing Colin Tipping’s "Breaking Free," a New 21-Day Program for Forgiving Your Parents

Bestselling author and founder of Radical Forgiveness, Colin Tipping, launches new life-changing program to heal childhood wounds.

Marietta, GA, September 07, 2008 --( Colin Tipping, the bestselling author of such noted works as Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle and Getting to Heaven on a Harley: A Radical Karma Workbook, decided it was time to share more of his expertise when it came to relieving the angst of millions of people who may have been wounded by their parents during childhood.

Such was the motivation for the launch of his new 21-day program, Breaking Free.

Says Tipping, “Childhood wounds run the gamut from the most terrible forms of physical and sexual abuse to having a parent showing a very subtle preference for a sibling; or to a parent walking out of a child's life and never contacting him or her again; or to a parent making a careless remark or joke that simply hits home. Those hurts become a drag on their lives and need to be healed.”

Tipping’s Breaking Free program is based on the premise that childhood wounds tend to be acted out in later life many times over, creating situations reminiscent of their original wounding. Examples of negative core beliefs fuelled by the wounds are: “I’ll never be any good; I’m not enough; I am unlovable; I have to be perfect to be loved; I’ll always be second,” and so on.

If a person can recognize these situations for what they are, use them as opportunities to heal and can embrace the concept of ‘Radical Forgiveness’, they can dramatically change and improve the outcome of their lives going forward. This is what Tipping’s Breaking Free program is all about.

“Radical Forgiveness heals the wounds and frees a person to reach their full potential,” adds Tipping.

For more information about how this Radical Forgiveness program can assist people in coping with their anger toward their parents, their boss, their children and themselves, as well as how they can regain an overall sense of peace and well-being, please visit:

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Shari Claire