‘PermaFLOW™ – The ‘No Pain Drain’ Approved for GreenSpec Listing

Houston, TX, September 11, 2008 --(PR.com)-- PermaFLOW™ Self Cleaning ‘No Pain Drain’ – launched earlier this year by PF WaterWorks™, has been selected to appear in BuildingGreen.com’s GreenSpec Directory of environmentally friendly building materials. The GreenSpec directory is the leading national directory of green building products and is reserved for products or materials that have the least impact on the environment, that conserve natural resources or that are made from recycled materials.

“We are very excited on the selection of PermaFLOW™ for inclusion in the GreenSpec directory”, said Sanjay Ahuja, Vice President of PF WaterWorks based in Houston, Texas. “PermaFLOW™ offers a revolutionary way to maintain a clean drainage system enhancing self-sufficiency while protecting the environment. This new ‘Green by Design’ 4 in 1 multifunctional home improvement fixture provides a commonsense tool to reduce the time, effort and money needed for property maintenance and has a positive influence in the best practices of Green building.” added Ahuja.”

PermaFLOW™ eliminates the cumbersome work of those old fashioned “clean-out” traps of days past as well as the need for secondary maintenance products and processes such as frustrating drain disassembly, plunging, dangerous drain cleaners and snaking. This reduces the related personal safety concerns from storing and using chemical cleaners (potential burns & poisoning, corrosion or defacing of sink, garbage disposal, metal P-traps and drain pipes) as well as the hazards of exposure to sewer gases. Gray water can also be diverted for reuse in efforts to recycle water in areas such as watering the lawn, or flushing the commode.

PermaFLOW™ has been selected for the Charleston Concept Home Demonstration Project sponsored by US HUD and its PATH program. In Sonoma County in Northern California, the PermaFLOW™ has been selected for inclusion in the Optimum Performance Home®, with focus on universal design and the best sustainable building practices. Their goals to optimize occupant health, comfort, and safety while maximizing energy efficiency and structural durability with minimal impact on the environment also reflect the efforts in fly-over country. You’ll find PermaFLOW™ Drain in Greensburg Greentown, Kansas, as they rebuild their town to a LEED Platinum certification following the devastating May 2007 tornado.

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PF WaterWorks™ is a product development and manufacturing company targeting drain management for the kitchen and bathroom. PF WaterWorks™ has been formed with one goal in mind - Look at the obvious needs people have and offer innovative, eco-friendly and convenient solutions at competitive prices. With a focus on respect for customer’s time, effort and money and the commitment to help improve our environment, PF WaterWorks™ will simplify, modify, or develop new products to improve/promote self-sufficiency in the residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors.

For more information or to see PermaFLOW™ in action, log on to www.pfwaterworks.com, or contact Sanjay Ahuja at 281-573-8422, or by email at sanjay.ahuja@pfwaterworks.com

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