Three Days, Two Break-ins, One Powerful Security System

Washougal, WA, September 19, 2008 --( Two break-ins in three days at the Washougal Bi-Mart resulted in multiple apprehensions after detection by Sonitrol Pacific September 15 and 17.

Early morning on September 15, Sonitrol Pacific Operator Mike Young received activations from impact-activated audio sensors and motion sensors in the front of the store. Listening to live audio from the facility, he heard crashing and breaking sounds and immediately dispatched police. Officers arrived at the store to find the front door kicked in. Although the perpetrators fled the scene, the mother of one of the suspects turned the group in to police on Tuesday and at least three juveniles were taken into custody.

Just after midnight on September 17, Sonitrol Pacific Operator Eric Muha received activations from the store’s audio sensors followed by live audio of breakage sounds. He dispatched police. Officers arrived to find the front window broken. An unknown number of minors were taken into custody.

The store manager suspects some of the same individuals were involved in the both incidents, as well as vandalism done to the store on August 4.

The mother who called police also called the store manager to apologize.

Sound Security, dba Sonitrol Pacific
Pamela Singleton