RevitaLume Dark Circles Eye Cream Now Available

Dania Beach, FL, September 22, 2008 --( Dark under-eye circles may well be a thing of the past thanks to RevitaLume (, a topical skincare solution that eliminates dark circles.

"We’re very excited about RevitaLume," said Alex McMullen, product development specialist at Dermavánt Labs. "The RevitaLume formula is the most scientifically advanced we've ever created. The ingredients in RevitaLume include the latest peptides, side-by-side with time-tested botanicals that we all know and trust. RevitaLume's ingredients remedy every facet involved in the creation of dark circles."

Key RevitaLume ingredients ( help to clear away dark circles by enzymatic action. RevitaLume boosts the speed at which the body processes the purple-black discoloration that cause dark circles under the eyes. "Many people don't realize that dark circles are related to bruises," McMullen said, "and RevitaLume helps your body 'take out the trash,' so to speak, and eliminate the byproducts that cause those distinctive marks. It works fast, too – most people see a difference within an hour or two."

In addition, RevitaLume contains ingredients that strengthen the capillaries to prevent future fluid leakage. This effectively diminishes the development of future dark circles, a huge advantage over RevitaLume's competitors.

RevitaLume's other ingredients are equally cutting-edge. Peptides are complex molecules created in the laboratory. They are synthetic analogues of collagen, which, unlike the large collagen molecule itself, are small enough to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. Once there, peptides stimulate the body to create new collagen and accelerate skin repair. Learn more about the physiology of dark circles and specific ingredients at the official RevitaLume blog.

"RevitaLume is like no other product on the market," McMullen said. "RevitaLume works fast and it works well. We encourage our customers to evaluate RevitaLume by applying the cream to just one eye before going to work or going out in the evening. Within an hour they'll notice some strange looks from the people around them! RevitaLume works that well. I use it every day."

RevitaLume is the latest addition to the Dermavánt Labs line of skincare products. The entire line includes Revitagen stretch mark cream and RevitaShape anti-cellulite cream. For more information about RevitaLume please visit

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