Confidentiality Vital to Company's Integrity

Princeton, NJ, September 26, 2008 --( Communication Specialist Outlines Essential Strategies for Safeguarding Sensitive Information.

Leaks and breaches of confidential information can have damaging effects on a company, particularly in times of transition. In a new case study issued by Melcrum Publishing, Eight Ways to Maintain Confidentiality During Change, Workwise Communication CEO Aniko Czinege reveals strategies for maintaining optimal levels of confidentiality. According to Czinege, “Badly timed or ill-considered openness in an organization will often result in disarray. The communicator needs to develop an environment of truth where leadership credibility and employee morale is not compromised.”

Czinege, a leading organizational change and internal communications expert, underscores the critical role of confidentiality guidelines, especially during changes that could effect a company’s share price, such as mergers, restructuring or layoffs. Failure to fully protect confidential information can impact a company’s compliance with stock market requirements, management of customer relationships, and retention of key employees. With a clear set of guidelines in place, your company can greatly lessen opportunities for leaks and rumors and effectively protect sensitive information.

Several compelling case studies illustrate the need for implementing a series of strategies such as maintaining confidentiality agreements and storing restricted information securely. Tactics are discussed for dealing with a business executive at a pharmaceutical company who inadvertently leaked sensitive information. The precautions undertaken by a global bank instituting layoffs reflect how they effectively handled confidential company plans.

Melcrum is a global professional organization for internal communicators. Workwise Communication specializes in employee internal communication, with a broad range of services, including developing strategies for change, coaching business leaders and training managers to communicate effectively. Workwise also focuses on employee engagement, helping employees to feel invested in the future of their company. Other areas of expertise include designing internal research initiatives, assessing the needs of employees, providing opportunities for them to voice their concern, and then targeting areas for improvement.

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