Kansas Firm Launches First Aid Supply Website

Aims to Offer Low-Cost Alternative to First Aid Van Services.

Overland Park, KS, October 01, 2008 --(PR.com)-- RestockMyKit.com has announced the launch of a new website allowing users to monitor and replenish their own first aid supplies. "For years, the first aid industry had been dominated by a handful of firms that specialized in servicing clients through local van drivers, all at a pretty hefty price", said company spokesman Rick Nelson. "We devised a simple, yet innovative system that makes it easy for first aid buyers to determine and fulfill their own product needs. We see clients from industrial, commercial, and government institutions, as well as schools, and churches who use our website and free replenishment guides to see significant cost savings as well as gain greater control over their own first aid supplies". "We know of no other industry that allows unsupervised, fully commissioned sales reps to dictate and fulfil a client’s product requirements quite like the first aid industry" Nelson added. "In this economy, more and more companies are beginning to realize how expensive and inefficient the old first aid supply system is."

The Kansas City area firm will offer a full line of first aid kits, cabinets and supplies, along with hot weather relief products, resuscitation/AED’s, safety and personal protection products, and bloodborne pathogen protection supplies.

"Our business model is based on keeping our costs as low as possible, and passing the savings along to our customers" Nelson said. "We have one central location, that can service both coasts in 2-3 days, we don’t have vans, fuel, insurance or sales commissions to add to our costs. And, many of our customers love the fact that they can reduce their company’s carbon footprint by receiving supplies by common carrier, rather than a first aid van who may be delivering one or two boxes of product at a time."

More information about the company and its’ products may be obtained at http://www.RestockmyKit.com. www.restockmykit.com, or by phone at (877) 681-5163.

Robert J McKenzie