For Third Consecutive Year, Leadership Tampa Members Learn Motivational Skills from the Tye Maner Group

Tampa, FL, November 11, 2008 --( A person becomes a leader only when they have the ability to influence a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. To help Tampa professionals take the necessary steps towards becoming a leader, Tye Maner served as the keynote speaker for the third consecutive year at the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Tampa retreat.

“Leaders in today’s challenging business times are so important because they are the ones to set the tone, attitude and work ethic for other people to follow towards a positive outcome,” states Maner. “The best leaders within an organization don’t have to be the top executive. It can be anyone who not only does what they say they will do, but uses their personal characteristics to uplift and inspire others to do the same. That’s why the best organizations have many leaders working towards a common goal to succeed.”

Maner, who serves as president of the Tye Maner Group, a national sales and leadership development firm, spoke to 55 attendees on ways to focus on the big picture instead of the small details that can often derail progress. He urged each attendee to focus on how leaders follow core principles to success:

L Listen, not just hear, to all around you to learn, understand and solve problems
E Envision success and create a plan to get there
A Action items demonstrate the philosophy, lead by example
D Develop a clear defined purpose
E Energize and empower people to follow your vision and mission for success
R Reach out to employees and reach back to the community to help them reach their goals
S Self control to provide balanced feedback instead of lashing out at mistakes
H Handle and excel at human relations to maximize your greatest asset: people
I Integrity and credibility of your own reputation permeates through an entire company
P Positive attitudes can set the business climate for your business in good times or bad

Members of Leadership Tampa are local business people who hold mid- to upper-level management positions within their companies or organizations. Each has also demonstrated concern for community issues and has volunteered their time to three or more service organizations.

While every attendee is on their way towards becoming a better leader, everyone can still learn and grow according to Maner.

“Each participant is taking a major step towards strengthening their leadership skills and this is a great way to build a foundation to start from,” states Maner. “It’s important to realize that leaders not only lead by example, they use a variety of skills to motivate people to join them in a cause, mission or goal. Their ability to influence, the skill of being an active listener and the art of exuding positive attitudes and energy will be key facets that they need to possess to be truly effective.

“Anyone can become a leader and we are proud to share our ideas on how to get there.”

The Tye Maner Group works with companies nationwide, including those in the Fortune 500. Seminars cover topics such as Essential Selling Skills, Effective Account Marketing, Effective Presentation Skills, Effective Negotiation Skills and Customer Vision. They are on the Web at

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