Global Turf Manufacturer – TigerTurf International Enters Americas to Produce High Technology Synthetic Turf Surfaces Locally for Better Value

TigerTurf International’s new subsidiary, TigerTurf Americas, to produce tested, customized and branded synthetic turf solutions for all levels of sport, from football to lawn bowling.

Auckland, New Zealand, May 17, 2006 --( One of the world’s largest synthetic turf manufacturers, TigerTurf International today announced its venture into the North and Latin American markets.

“TigerTurf is excited to bring to the Americas what we’ve been delivering in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Africa: solutions aligned to the needs of our customers,” said Graham Vivian, TigerTurf International’s founder and international director.

“We draw on our global expertise to deliver what the local market needs – including ITF, IRB and FIH tested systems,” said Vivian. He added that the company, a recent FIFA Quality Concept Licensee, will also offer a range of FIFA tested products.

TigerTurf, headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, began as a small turf company in 1981. Since then, said Vivian, it has become a world leader in synthetic turf surfacing through its emphasis on research and development (R&D) and manufacturing, and an unbridled passion for sports. “We embody all sports. It’s where we get our energy, our innovation.”

TigerTurf’s end users are varied, ranging from professional teams and colleges to schools and parks, with nearly every sport represented (football, rugby, golf, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, cricket, lawn bowling, netball and multi-sport).

Harry Salomons, veteran turf executive and one of TigerTurf Americas’ directors, said the company will deliver its global technology, its “recipes,” to the North and Latin American markets through its suite of manufacturing facilities located in various locations throughout the world.

“In areas where we do not yet have captive facilities, we’ll contract with manufacturing partners held to our stringent Quality Control standards,” said Salomons, who noted that TigerTurf has facilities with ISO 9000 Certification.

Charles Fleishman, another TigerTurf Americas director and sports marketing expert, said by transferring its global technology into turf systems in-country, TigerTurf produces advanced, high quality systems more efficiently and competitively.

“We can provide better value because we can build on demand to specification,” said Fleishman, “whether it’s a custom or standard system or one that’s been tested and approved by a major sport governing body.”

TigerTurf Americas is making its systems (fields, tennis courts and golf and landscape products) available in North and Latin America through professional representatives. The company’s offices are located near Austin, Texas.

About TigerTurf International
TigerTurf International is one of the largest synthetic turf manufacturers in the world, with headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, and wholly-owned subsidiaries in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.

The company owns several manufacturing facilities, some with ISO 9000 Certification. In areas where the company has not yet established manufacturing plants, TigerTurf contracts with select partners that must meet stringent Quality Control standards.

TigerTurf develops customized and standard turf solutions for soccer, American football, field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, golf and numerous other sports and landscaping surfaces. Several of the company’s products have passed the stringent testing requirements of FIH, ITF, IRB, World Bowls and other sport governing bodies.

TigerTurf is also a FIFA Quality Concept Licensee and provider of FIFA tested systems.

TigerTurf Americas
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