BFM™ Fitting Distributed by Powder-Solutions, Inc. Helps Reduce Risks of Bulk Powder Processing Plant Explosions

Traditional Flex Sleeve Connectors Contribute to Dusty Plant Environments and Risk of Dust Explosions.

Chanhassen, MN, October 03, 2008 --(, Powder-Solutions, Inc., American distributors of the USDA accepted/3A certified BFM™ fitting, expresses the need for bulk powder processing plants to incorporate appropriate explosion mitigation procedures and equipment to ensure the safety of both plant and personnel.

Over the past 30 years, more than 300 dust explosions have killed more than 120 workers in grain silos, sugar plants, and food processing plants. In 2008, after a catastrophic dust explosion in a Georgia sugar factory, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill requiring the Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration (OSHA) to set standards for regulating combustible dusts.

All this has been carefully observed by Marv Deam, CEO of Powder-Solutions, Inc., and he believes his company has a worthwhile product to offer any industry dealing with production of bulk powders, dusts, or granular products. “Now more than ever, it is imperative that bulk powder processing plants are prepared with equipment that not only is efficient during processing, but also protects from the possibility of plant explosions,” states Deam. "Sophisticated explosion venting and suppression systems can only be successful if the primary explosion is contained within the process equipment. Independent lab tests have confirmed that whereas the hose clamp is likely to rupture in the event of an internal explosion, the BFM™ fitting distends with the sudden pressure shock, but it does not fail."

Available from Powder-Solutions since 2007, the BFM™ fitting was initially designed for food and pharmaceutical production facilities to stop powder leakage from process piping. "We see now that there are opportunities in disparate industries, where the inherent design of the BFM™ fitting has great potential to increase safety in a wide variety of industrial applications."

The BFM™ fitting system represents a new paradigm in flexible connectors. Instead of slipping over the outside of process piping or connections, the BFM sleeve snaps securely and perfectly into the inside of the matched spigots. Where old style connectors required the use of a hose clamp with all its inherent flaws, the BFM™ fitting simply snaps into place without the use of external clamps or the tools needed to secure them. There are no crevices to trap powder in the line and no cracks to leak powder to atmosphere. There are no wear points to abrade and degrade that could rupture in the event of an internal explosion. By virtue of the integral internal snap band seals, the BFM™ fitting actually seals even tighter in such events.

“Unique in its resistance to over pressure incidents, the BFM™ fitting is not only an efficient connective solution, it is a significant safety measure,” continues Deam. “From industries as varied as dairy and food to pharmaceutical and chemical to wood production, the BFM™ fitting is an effective tool in an overall explosion mitigation strategy.”

A full video of how the BFM™ fitting is replacing traditional hose clamps in bulk powder processing, can be found at

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Powder-Solutions, Inc. is a leading distributor of the USDA accepted/3A certified BFM™ fitting, the first flexible industrial connective solution specifically designed to replace the standard flexible sleeve and hose clamp assembly and address chronic sanitation and safety concerns for the bulk powder processing industry. By working closely with companies in the food, dairy, nutritional, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, Powder-Solutions, Inc. continues to develop and refine new strategies to assist these companies in achieving their business objectives via safe and innovative plant processes. For more information on Powder-Solutions, Inc. or the revolutionary BFM™ fitting, visit

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