Keystone Industries, Inc. New K Series Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Available for Everyone January, 2009. The K Series line of Hot Melt Systems is designed for efficiency and ease. Keystone Industries has been servicing and restoring hot melt equipment since 1990 and Keystone's professional technicians have a combined 50 years of experience working on this type of equipment. This unit will save valuable budget dollars and reduce downtime, therefore, increasing production and profitability.

Winder, GA, October 04, 2008 --( Keystone Industries K Series is comparable to the packaging industry standards for adhesive dispensing machinery. Keystone's K Series is American made and will provide customers an alternative to the higher priced competitors' systems.

Features of the K Series Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensers

• Industry standard compatible hoses/heads
• Capable of 2, 4 and 6 hoses using quick plug-in hose/head modules
• Complete fault detection indicating type of fault andspecific component
• Sloped tank with tall fins for maximum and even adhesive melting
• Intuitive electronics with system status at a glance
• Hibernate mode for increased energy sustainability
• Easy programming
• Capability of one button programming of all components to same temperature
• Removable panels for easy access to tank components
• Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Capability of one button programming of similar components (i.e. heads or hoses to same temperature)
• Heavy duty construction
• Easy to read customer interface
• 24/7 clock
• Timer to program starts and stops to maximize your production
• Component scan for instant updates on component temperatures and operations
• Industry compatible 14:1 piston pump to reduce spare parts requirements
• Designed to prevent over fill to enter internal electrical components
• System service notification to assist in reducing downtime
• Standby feature
• Teflon® Coated reservoir

Keystone Industries, Inc.
Angela Wagley