Bus Drivers Report 50% Drop in Pain, Discomfort This Year

Grand Rapids, MI, October 08, 2008 --(PR.com)-- After a 12-month ergonomics program, bus drivers in Grand Rapids, Mich. report a 50% drop in high and extreme levels or pain or discomfort. The results were obtained as a result of a joint effort between the region’s transit system, The Rapid, and Atlas Ergonomics, an organization that specializes in reducing the injury rates of professional drivers.

Atlas’ innovative technology helps drivers avoid discomfort and injury risk by focusing on proper use of seat and steering column adjustments. Notably, Atlas does not change the equipment within the bus, but makes it simpler for drivers to use current adjustment features correctly.

During the year, drivers were surveyed five times. Each survey asked if drivers were experiencing pain or discomfort, along with its location, severity, and frequency. At the end of the year, data showed a 50% reduction in drivers reporting high or extreme levels of pain or discomfort. Such results have proven correlations with reduced injury rates.

Specifically, significant reductions in pain and discomfort were reported in drivers’ necks, shoulders, and backs.

“We are pleased with these results,” stated The Rapid CEO, Peter Varga. “We are committed to providing safe and comfortable working conditions for our operators. While the correlation between injury rates and this program is not fully developed, we are hopeful that this will result in reduced workers compensation claims and other health-related costs.”

“Our technology helps minimize the negative effects of prolonged sitting and road vibration on drivers, so that they hurt less at work and at home,” said Atlas CEO James Landsman. “Atlas has saved commercial transportation organizations millions of dollars in injury costs over the years. These results confirm that our technology is as effective for bus systems as it is for trucking companies. We look forward to reducing risks and costs for public transit authorities.”

The Rapid plans to continue gathering data on both discomfort and the financial impact of the program.

About The Rapid
The Rapid is the transit system serving Grand Rapids and its suburbs. Last year, The Rapid provided over 8.1 million rides to area residents. It has been recognized as one of America’s Outstanding Public Transportation Systems. For more information, visit www.ridetherapid.org.

About Atlas Ergonomics, LLC
Atlas Ergonomics, LLC is a leading ergonomic service and technology provider, helping customers reduce the spiraling costs of work related injuries within industrial, office, commercial transportation, public transit, and healthcare environments. Atlas guides clients to financially evaluate and define the appropriate strategy, and offers services that are uniquely simple, measurable, and cost effective. Atlas Ergonomics provides turnkey support through a nationwide network of providers or can assist corporate resources with the necessary training and technology. Atlas Ergonomics is located in Grand Haven, Michigan, and additional information can be found at www.atlasergo.com.

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