Police Respond in Force to Call from Sonitrol Pacific, Arrest One

Seattle, WA, October 09, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Seattle Police sent 18 officers and a K9 unit in response to a call of a break-in in progress at Fischer Plumbing and arrested one suspect October 6.

Operator Minta Christopherson received an impact-activated audio signal from the warehouse area of the business and heard additional suspicious sounds. She dispatched Puget Sound Security to verify the nature of the activity. While the guard was en route to the facility, Christopherson heard the zip of a duffle bag, confirming her suspicions, and called Seattle Police.

An officer arrived on scene and saw someone inside the building. He called for back up and 17 additional officers and a K9 unit responded. They surrounded the block and the suspect was promptly apprehended.

Police believe the intruder got inside the warehouse by using a ladder to climb onto the roof. When caught, the intruder was carrying a duffle bag with approximately $3,000 worth of Fischer Plumbing property.

“Who knows what else he would have taken if it wasn’t for our new security system that can hear what’s going on inside our business during a break in,” said Brent Miller from Fisher plumbing. “We were broken into and they caught the guy! The system is very efficient.”

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Pamela Singleton