Lean Times Make Personal Organization a Must do Habit, so do It with Style with Tips from Expert Timeplanners

Time is money – money is tight – identify the client's organizing style to protect both assets. If they've read every book on getting organized, and frustrated that it’s still a pit at their place, remember that those books are written by people who are pretty organized. It’s in their genes. That’s not most people. For the mainstream, Identify their organizing personality and collect their passport to personal organization.

Carlsbad, CA, October 09, 2008 --(PR.com)-- According to Thalia Poulos, professional organizer, “The true test of a good organizing system is that it works for the client – not anyone else. There’s a way to identify a client's organizing Personality Style and create a system that works whether they're a Hoarder, Stacker or combination.”

There are six organizing personality styles according to Poulos, who uses the newly released OQ test (Organizing Quiz) to reveal the organizing styles of her clients and some unusual methods to integrate organizing habits into their lives.

“Identify their organizing personality style and they'll finally be able to live with themselves, with others, and with their ‘evil twin’ – who occasionally emerges when they tilt too far into any extreme. But, that’s normal. Clients can rebuild in a day or so and come out victoriously organized.”

For free, unique organizing tips for all styles, send an email to: thaliapoulos@roadrunner.com

Hoarders? Their gift to the world is as the historian –
Stock up on shelves – floor-to-ceiling, because going vertical is the only way they can get the amount of storage space needed. Donate stuff to good causes so they feel good about giving away that sacred widget, broken toy, or kitchen sink. Cease and desist using the floor. And, while they're at it, cancel magazine subscriptions.

Cyclones? Their gift is making amazingly quick decisions –
An admirable characteristic in the ER. They do well with hooks, rituals, gadgets. No doubt they never look into their file drawer, so just accept it and scan documents, keep everything in their PDA, other items visible, touchable, and immediately accessible.

Everyone can learn techniques to get organized. To learn more about the Six Organizing Personality Styles and tips to get organized, check out the website: www.timeplanners.com

About Timeplanners:
Timeplanners was founded in 1987 by Thalia Poulos, who has worked with hundreds of clients and corporations in California, New York and Chicago to maximize personal effectiveness. She is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Organizers-Chicago. She loves Hoarders.

Thalia Poulos

Thalia Poulos