StratNEXT Launches New Strategic Marketing Services for Firms Who Are Not Growing in this Economy

Research conducted by StratNEXT shows that B2B firms that are not growing need to become more market-driven to succeed in this tough economic times. StratNEXT also found that firms lack the discipline to create the necessary competencies and cultural changes to become market-driven. Beyond 'best efforts' consulting, as a new breed of performance-based consulting services, StratNEXT has developed services to co-invest with clients to profit from the upside results.

Horsham, PA, October 10, 2008 --( StratNEXT, a leading strategic marketing consulting firm, conducted interviews with 310 small to mid-sized leaders whose B2B firms are not growing at double-digit growth rates. They discovered that 273 of the firms believed that their marketing department investments are not contributing significantly to the growth they expected. When asked what percent of their marketing dollars are wasted dollars, the vast majority of firms (80%) did not have a formal way of measuring their marketing R.O.I.

StratNEXT has developed a series of new consulting and training services to help small and medium-sized B2B (technically excellent) firms grow to their full potential. The firm co-invests with their clients to assure that their clients grow at profitable, double-digit growth rates.

Beyond 'best effort' consulting, these new services are designed to identify wasted marketing dollars to re-invest them into new building new strategic marketing capabilities and a market-driven culture to, ultimately, innovate and market superior and differentiated offerings and solutions. Some of the new services include building a Client Advisory Board, inculcating a market-driven corporate culture that embraces collaboration and innovation, forging new strategic alliances, a rapid and rigorous phase review process to innovate better, people skills training, new online marketing capabilities, and thought leadership marketing to win mindshare and market share.

Not all prospective clients will qualify to partner with StratNEXT, as client firms must be willing to re-invest about 10% of their marketing budgets for about 12 months before seeing a dramatic change in their top and bottom lines. Lastly, StratNEXT clients must be willing to share a small percentage of their profitable revenues with StratNEXT at the end of 2 years.

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