Introduction of 2009 Inspired Training™ Calendar

Allied Reliability announces the release of their 2009 Inspired Training™ Calendar.

Charleston, SC, October 17, 2008 --( Allied Reliability announces the release of their 2009 Inspired Training™. The training is intended for all levels of leadership and provides a superior understanding of the process and tools required to Optimize Asset Health, the approach will provide the financial impact of utilizing the tools successfully, and help one understand how it all works together for proven world class results.

“Companies looking to improve their preventive and predictive maintenance programs will benefit from the training series which includes the Allied Reliability Asset Health Assurance (PM/PdM Best Practices) Workshop Training Series and the Reliability Engineering Training Courses,” says Andy Page, Allied Reliability.

These series were designed to educate managers and engineers about the most common PdM Technologies, principles of asset management, processes, financial analysis concepts and some courses are the pre-requisite to Facilitator classes or supplementary content for advanced learning.

The Asset Health Assurance workshop previously consisted of four (4) three-day classes that included in-class exercises as well as take-away exercises that apply what is learned in the classroom to the participant’s equipment at their plant. While the option is always available for the clients wanting private “on-site” sessions, these classes have been broken up to enable the division of the series into courses that stand alone.

“In late 2006 Allied Reliability began development of our Reliability Engineering training program to provide the knowledge and skills needed for Reliability Engineers in today’s competitive industrial environment. The RE Series includes course content that every reliability engineer can apply at their plant”, says Page. “The Reliability Engineering Series courses have been developed to include Reliability Engineering principles of RCM, RCA, Life Cycle Costing, Transformational Analytics™ and Developing Effective Work Procedures.” 2009 Inspired Training™ Facilitators were chosen from Allied Reliability’s Subject Mater Experts and Practitioners in both the PdM and Consulting fields through a rigorous selection process.

"To implement a successful reliability program, the whole team needs to be involved", says Allied partner John Schultz. "That allows a full understanding and appreciation of the technologies and how everything fits together to improve the reliability of a plant's assets."

One of the biggest problems with corporate training is so little of the new-found knowledge is applied when students return to the workplace. Another key feature of the training is a comprehensive approach to PdM.

"Most courses in the industry only focus on one PdM technology", says Allied partner John Langhorne. "You can go to a vibration training class, an infrared class, a Weibull class, a Life Cycle Costing class - and still not understand how it all ties together into an overall reliability initiative."

"This includes all the essential PdM technologies, the thought and theory behind them and how much of each to apply. We’ve added fully developed and tested Reliability Centered Maintenance, Root Cause Analysis, Reliability Engineering Fundamentals, Availability Simulation and Modeling, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Developing Effective Work Procedures and much more. Participants will get the knowledge they need to maximize their Return on Asset Reliability (ROAR™). There really isn't anything that measures up to these courses in the industry."

"Our job is to help our customers have really great reliability programs" says Langhorne. "But that's not something they can buy from us. A successful reliability program is created in-house - or through a partnership with a company like ours who can help them get there."

Faced with energy and labor costs at all-time highs, many manufacturers view reliability as one of the last frontiers for significant costs savings. As more people become familiar with the principles and concepts of reliability, there's a greater need for education. These courses are designed to show the financial impact to be gained through Reliability.

"Education is a great way to break down organizational barriers and build the culture that is so critical in implementing a successful reliability program", says Schultz. "That creates teamwork, trust and shows how different people in the organization add value."

Allied Reliability is offering these courses as both public and private seminars. The public training will be offered regionally in Charlotte, NC, San Francisco, CA, Omaha, NE, Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL, Salt Lake City, UT, Tampa, FL, Philadelphia, PA and also Puerto Rico. Course information and dates as well as registration information can be found on the Allied Reliability Website. Group discounting is available. Visit online at: or call 888-414-5760 and ask for Amy Campbell.

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