Enjoy the Work of Paul Brent with New Check Products from Artistic Checks

Enjoy the artwork of Paul Brent on these new products from Artistic Checks. Including personal checks, self-adhesive address labels, personal contact cards, and a leather checkbook cover, these items will give you a “shoreline view” all year round.

Joppa, MD, October 19, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Known for showcasing the work of many artists, Artistic Checks is proud to welcome the paintings of Paul Brent to its collection. Through the Masterpiece Collection, Artistic Checks is able to bring beautiful artwork to the personal checks and banking accessories of its customers. By offering works from an array of artists, Artistic Checks appeals to the tastes of every kind of art lover imaginable.

Artistic Checks is happy to have the paintings of such a well-known and talented artist available on its products. Paul Brent is recognized for his portrayals of calming beach and landscape scenes. His work is already available on all kinds of products from kitchen decorations to stationary and now it will brighten the checkbooks of many customers.

On October 17, 2008, Artistic Checks released the new product suite for Paul Brent’s “Shoreline View.” The personal checks portray four different beach chairs lounging along beautiful coasts. In vibrant colors of red, blue, yellow, and green, these beach chairs match the borders of the checks and give a sense of relaxation. The address labels feature the same chairs to the side of the personal information which is featured against a serene beach background. The personal contact cards and checkbook cover picture one chair each in green and red, respectively. All of the products capture relaxing and beautiful scenes with beach chairs as the main focus points.

Since its acquisition in 1998, Artistic Checks has been known for check designs that portray works of art. The watercolor paintings of Paul Brent will fit right into the existing assortment as great artwork available on personal checks and accessories. Visit Artistic Checks to view all the creative designs.

About Artistic Checks:

Artistic Checks is known for its assortment of artwork on personal checks. Many artists have their work portrayed on these products as another way for admirers to enjoy their art. With a variety of works available on their products, Artistic Checks has something for everyone. Browse through the collection to find something you love.

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Stephanie Demetriou