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DDL’s “Packaging Quizzler” Recognizes Medical Device Packaging Professionals Knowledge of ASTM Standards

Medical Device Packaging Requirements Awareness is Crucial to Ensure Patient Safety and Medical Device Integrity

Minneapolis, MN, October 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- http://www.testedandproven.com/ -- DDL, leader in medical device package and product testing, announced that via findings from their October, “Packaging Quizzler” more than 90 percent of medical device packaging professionals understand that conducting distribution simulation testing on medical devices packaging is vital to ensure product sterility during shipping and distribution.

The October “Packaging Quizzler” quizzed medical device packaging professionals on which tests are used to assure medical device packages endure sterility during shipping and distribution.

“Before shipping a package containing a medical device, government regulations require us to first test the medical device packaging to ensure it will endure shipping and distribution,” Becky Cannon, a packaging engineer with Zimmer Orthopedic Surgical Products and winner of the latest DDL Quizzler stated. “By subjecting our medical device package to distribution simulation testing, we can help assure that our medical devices have the best possible chance of arriving to the end user safely.”

According the Pat Nolan, COO of DDL, without subjecting your medical device packaging to distribution simulation testing, you run the risk of the device being defective or loosing sterility which can result in a recall of the product.

“Distribution simulation is designed to test the interaction between the product and the package through the simulation of dynamic events,” Pat Nolan, stated. “The medical device manufacturer wants to ensure the package is adequately designed to protect the product through all transportation situations that the package might endure.”

Common examples of distribution simulation testing include; drop testing, compression testing and vibration testing.

“By testing for these events, DDL can help ensure that your medical device packaging is in compliance with government safety standards and regulations,” Nolan said.

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