Labour India gurukulam International School
Labour India gurukulam International School

Indian Education Set to Change Face

Kerala, India, March 24, 2005 --( Traditional Indian System of Gurukulam Education is undergoing a revamp for comeback in the 21st century to spread the light of knowledge to the world. This 3000 year old education system is being blended with Modern Educational Practices and put to test in an International School in the Southern state of Kerala. The research is being headed by Eminent Researchers from Labour India Education Research & Training Centre, which has decades of experience in modernizing education in the state through innovative research & practices, publications, products and services.

Gurukulam is a place where the disciples stay with Guru and learns everything comes out of Guru mukha. Here in Labour India Gurukulam it is being followed with certain differences: This Modern Gurukulam is constructed at a small distance from the International school, neither too far, nor too close with cottages having all the facilities as residences. Environment is similar to an ‘Ashrama’ but facilities are there to satisfy each and every need of the student. Modern technologies such as website administration, e-commerce, strategic marketing, bio-technology, multimedia tools development etc along with traditional jobs such as diary farm, goats rearing, organic farming etc are trained here. Special emphasis is given on Economics, Politics, Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy. Community living through learning and sharing is the core essence of the whole system.

It is a community in itself, in a full and real sense with a corporate spirit, corporate activities, a corporate pride and a common will. Another boon of this life is that Gurukulam contains a variety of students of different ages, who come from different countries, activities and backgrounds, which is not found in a family. This gives them a global exposure and experience to be worthy citizens of tomorrow.

The vision behind the new concept is simple: Education is the birthright of every child. A child is born with immense potentialities. There should be the Gurukulam System of Education where no child is ever rejected, where the child is the center of every learning activity, where personal attention is given to every child focusing on physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strengths which are the four pillars of education.

Labour India respects the ancient Indian culture and build up overall development of a child through traditional Gurukulam system of education. Here the difference is that ‘shishyas’ always question ‘Gurus’ and never accept anything without sufficient reason. Labour India do not teach but train students for Life-long Learning.

The Labour India International Gurukulam School & Junior College is a dream come true, in fullfilling the aspirations of parents earning for better educational opportunities for their wards. It marks the emergence of a new dawn in learning.

The school is owned by the Labour India Educational Society, which is a registered Trust and has opened a similar Gurukulam International School in USA.

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”A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” This Chinese proverb has its fulfilment at the modest hamlet of Marangattupilly. The year 1983 witnessed Labour India stepping up into the exciting world of educational publication. In the course of time, we progressed from a Private Ltd Company in 1992 to a Public Ltd Company in 1995. The tiny seedling planted by Sri V.J. George Kulangara, our honourable Chairman,has now grown into a mighty banyan tree. Having started with a single magazine in 1983, we now produce 45 specialized educational journals with a circulation of 1.8 million copies per month ranging from the elementary grades to the entrance exam level courses - all to quench the thirst of the student, teacher and parent communities and winning their hearty admiration. Making use of the latest advancements in information technology, the Labour India Educational Research Centre makes use of the talents of eminent educationists, scientists, gifted children’s writers, highly experienced teachers, graphic designers and so on - all putting their heads together under the same roof.Ours is the only Educational Publishing House in India having such a state-of-the-art Editorial Research Centre where about 250 experts work together to shape the journals. Educational aids such as dictionaries, reference books, grammar books, the Children’s Newspaper and Quiz India for the eternally curious whiz kids are also our products which our readers treasure greatly.As a millennium launch, Labour India branched out into the state of Tamil Nadu as well.Our relentless march towards progress has spread to other fields also. The ultramodern multimedia digital editing and recording studio at the Labour India Complex has now become a nursery of multimedia educational aids such asCD - ROMs etc. Labour India Software Laboratories have been engaged in producing educational TV programmes as well. Our multicolour satellite web offset press prints 20000 copies per hour using the latest cutting edge technologies.Labour India’s fully equipped Marketing Division consisting of a vast network of executives and agents performs the distribution of the journals to the millions of our student customers promptly and efficiently. The Mega Quiz, one of the biggest talent - hunt programmes in the country, conducted by Labour India every year, gives away prizes worth Rs 7 lakhs. Labour India acknowledge the role played by our eminent teachers who mould the country’s posterity and make use of auspicious occasions like the Mega Quiz to honour the State and National awardees.The Indo- American Educational and Research Foundation under the dynamic leadership of our Chairman has established its Headquarters in West Virginia, USA.We have also branched out into running educational institutions - The Labour India Gurukulam Public School and Junior College, the Labour India Sports School, the Labour India Green Garden Centre and Heritage Homes.A number of professional colleges and CBSE schools are also on the anvil.We are proud of our Chairman, Mr. V.J. George Kulangara, who is an illustrious educationist and an ambitious entrepreneur, and our Managing Director Mr. Santhosh George Kulangara, a highly qualified and professionalmedia personality and an enterprising businessman who is also the Director and cinematographer of the immensely popular visual travelogue ‘Sancharam’ telecast by Asianet Channels for which he has travelled 32 countries as yet.Among the renowned personalities who adorn the team in Labour India are our Chief Editor Prof. S. Sivadas,a well - known writer of children’s literature and winner of several National and State Awards for his services,and Chief Editor Mr. M.J. Baby, a veteran teacher and eminent educationist, and other unique brains namely:Dr. M.S.T. Namboothiri, Prof & Head of the Dept. of Computer Science, Texas University, USA, Dr. M. Leelavathy, a prominent literary figure and winner of numerous National and State literary prizes including the Kendra Sahitya Academy Award, Dr. C.G.R. Nair, renowned physicist and prominent writer of science literature, Dr. V.S. Venkatavaradan, eminent physicist and former Director of the Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai,Dr. A.P. Jayaraman, renowned Atomic Scientist and former Director, Media Relations BARC, Mumbai, Prof. M.K. Prasad, World-famous environmental scientist and columnist, Dr. M.M. Basheer, a well-known writer and critic, Prof. M. Sivasankaran, well-known academician and science literary figure.

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