Safety Management Hawaii Provides Employers with Peace of Mind

A new company provides Hawaii businesses with comprehensive and affordable safety management programs, training and accident prevention programs, along with accident investigations courses. Attorneys & Insurance brokers use this company in Hawaii for their local contact & representative.

Honolulu, HI, October 25, 2008 --( Aloha Hawaii Business Owners.

Could your company survive a catastrophic event or accident? How would you respond to a fatality of one of your employees or a customer, and would you be prepared for the consequences that will occur after?

How will you respond if an OSHA inspector appears unannounced in your office, and will your safety program meet their requirements?

Isn’t it time to be Proactive than Reactive?

Over the years the owner of Safety Management Hawaii had the misfortune of explaining to family members why their loved one is no longer with them, or disabled. He spend almost a decade as a Safety Compliance Officer investigating numerous fatalities and workplace accidents, along with workplace violence complaints, as well as most of his career in public safety.

Now he has the opportunity to help employers like yourself from these misfortunes, by bringing expertise, training & skills to you to protect your workers & customers.

Improperly trained employees and weak safety program can cost your company more than you desire, and if you are found to be at fault, you could suffer personal liability as well. Do you really want to take a chance with all the hard work you put into making your company grow and be successful?

That is why they have sent you this offer. Safety Management Hawaii can help you try to avoid the misery of losses because of a weak safety program. If you have 25 or more employees, you are required to have written safety programs that meets OSHA’s requirements, provide the training to the workers and follow-up including, disciplinary action programs.

An inspection that finds a weakness in any of these areas could cost you in thousands of dollars in penalties and your record of inspection on the OSHA website. A customer accident could bring you bad publicity.

Please take a moment to read the services they can offer to you. You will find they are the least expensive of most Safety companies because they may have certain certifications such as a CSP or other titles, they tend to charge more. They understand that the bottom line is profit, and work with you to minimize the costs for the services they provide.

If you believe Safety Management Hawaii could be of assistance to you in helping you lower your Workers Compensation rates, reducing injuries or providing training to your employees, please give them a call. They will work with your schedule to conduct the services you may require, and they are available anytime should something occur where you need them immediately. They can negotiate a yearly contract, or work on an hourly as needed basis.

Either way, you should take a moment to debate just how safe is your company, if your safety program is effective, and should you take actions to further protect your assets, and prevent undue liability.

Services Provided

Advise you of what an OSHA inspection requires and what rights you have if one is conducted on you.

An audit to determine what safety programs are required

A review of your written safety program to determine if it meets requirements

Assist you in writing an effective safety program if you don’t have one

Review and assistance with OSHA 300 forms (required if you have over 10 employees)

A Safety Inspection of your facility

Confidential Interviews with some of your employees to determine if they have safety concerns they may not want to personally address to you.

Address any safety concerns or violations with you and assist you correcting them so employees are not exposed to them.

Training for Your Employees or Staff in the Following Areas:

Basic General Industry Voluntary Compliance & Self Inspection Procedures (allows your staff to conduct their own safety audits and corrections) 8.0 hrs

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Material Handling & Storage Procedures (includes forklift requirements, not forklift training)

Welding, Cutting & Brazing

Hand & Power Tools Safety & Requirements

Ladders, Scaffolds & Walking /Working Surfaces

Electrical & Lock Out/Tag Out Procedures

Hazardous Communications/PPE


Prevention of Workplace Violence/Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Basic Accident Investigation/ Conducting Accident Investigations Class

Other training that may tailored to your work environment

Training Materials will be distributed to the class & a Certificate of Completion can be issued to your staff.


Mahalo Nui Loa for taking a moment to review this invitation, and feel free to contact them for more information. Look for us at Safety Management Hawaii online.
Paradise Partners of the Pacific, LLC dba Safety Management Hawaii
Charles Flippo