My Internet Business Entrepreneur Introduces God on Website by, an internet business website, has created a new marketing strategy to implement Faith while marketing My Internet Business. An unusual internet marketing concept, but he believes that God will bless him.

Fredericksburg, VA, November 25, 2008 --( Benne Clark, the person behind recently launches a new website titled "Top 3 Internet Home Businesses". His My Internet Business website is geared toward Christians and people who are looking for a mentor who will teach them how to succeed online with integrity. The goal for his website is to share the glory of God by introducing the simple steps on how to accept and believe in Christ Jesus through faith while totally understanding that they can live a righteous life while earning wealth online.

Benne Clark says, "There are actually three reasons why people fail when trying to create a new stream of income on the internet, especially for new beginners who are looking for an honest opportunity. Unfortunately, other experienced internet business entrepreneurs along with their companies, are always hyping the benefits without informing you of the required expectations that you must learn and acquire to have the best chance to succeed in this lucrative industry." Also, he briefly describes those three reasons why people fail by identifying and sharing the following three solutions that an inspiring entrepreneur must have in place:

- A well defined business plan that entails the three major ingredients: long term and short term goals, your mission statement, and a clear purpose or vision.

- A customize plan-of-action that have been agreed upon that will hold you and your support accountable.

- A company that supplies a great product, service, and a residual compensation that enables you to earn immediately.

Benne Clark said "that this new internet business website should establish a new trend of marketing online as a Christian." His site attempts to give the reader a personal feel, instead of an impersonal touch that focus on how much money you can make by working with them and their secret system. uniqueness provides the following core concepts online under one umbrella: an alternative for anyone on a tight budget or anyone who is ready to market online with the high rollers but on a leveled playing field, a short and personal website that creates an atmosphere for the reader to feel comfortable enough to contact Benne Clark, and a spiritual life changing experience that will be worth more than all the money in the world.

Benne is a valuable resource for anyone who is truly looking for a home business opportunity online, where they can have the best chance to succeed. His website describes him as a real down to earth person who is humble enough to work one-on-one with you regardless of your faith, yet bold enough to stand firm on what and who he believes in.

Stop by his website to see how this entrepreneur, who spotlight My Internet Business, introduces God while helping men and women to succeed online or offline with their home business at


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Benne Clark