Sonitrol Pacific in Action: Crash, Detect, Respond, Arrest

Mukilteo, WA, October 30, 2008 --( Less than five minutes passed between the time Super Handy Mart’s Sonitrol Pacific security system detected activity and when police arrived to arrest a suspect October 26.

Award-winning Sonitrol Pacific Operator Minta Christopherson received an activation of the store’s audio sensors, heard crashing noises and possible glass breaking, and dispatched police.

Officers arrived in less than five minutes and quickly took one suspect into custody.

When police arrived, the suspect was still outside the Super Handy Mart. It is unclear if the individual intended to burglarize or vandalize the store, either way, losses were limited to one broken window. The window was replaced within a day and received a fresh, new Sonitrol Pacific decal.

Since 1978, Sonitrol Pacific has assisted law enforcement officials in the apprehension of 4,979 suspects. The company designs, installs, monitors and services electronic security systems focused on early and verified detection of criminal activity.

Sound Security, dba Sonitrol Pacific
Pamela Singleton