Dan Moody Revamps the Dan Moody School of Business and Adds Employment Opportunities to Their Venue

The Dan Moody School of Business helps Business owners connect the dots between starting a business venture, incorporating, seizing the tax breaks and becoming proficient in online marketing.

New York, NY, November 03, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Dan Moody revamps the Dan Moody School of Business and establishes the Dan Moody School of Marketing.

With the Global Economic Crisis which has
• Imploded the business on Wall Street and
• Impacted the welfare on Main Street —
• The banking and credit systems are frozen,
• Housing and mortgage industries have bottomed out,
• Manufacturing has moved to China and Mexico,
• Increasing gas and food prices undermine the profit margins and balancing the family budget.

The rapid financial downfall of the existing economy calls for new Business and Financial Strategies to restore six figure incomes to perceptive Business Owners and/or Business Developers.

The School of Business has added a new section of employment opportunities in its Global Marketing Program – Jaguar.


Click on Employment Link on Right

Ownership: $10K/week
Sales Manager: $4k/wee
Account Executives: 3K/week
Marketing Assistant: $400/week

In addition The Dan Moody School of Business in affiliation with The Company Corporation will help establish your own corporation with minimal cost and professional efficiency. This service is available in any of the 50 states. You can have your new corporation up and running in 24 to 48 hours. Through your email address you will be kept up to date with responsibilities and requirements so that you do not have to worry about understanding the complexity of Corporate Maintenance.

With http://www.freembanking.com you can be among the first to enter the new world of M Commerce of which Morgan Stanley predicts will grow 10 times the volume of E Commerce, a 15 trillion dollar industry. When this system goes global (do your own google search: m commerce) you will reap some of the commissions that currently are only available to visa and master cards etc.

Through the Affiliation with GDI you can not only acquire your unique domain name but build a substantial income introducing this unique service to other web owners.

The Why Start program: beyondthemarketingslump.com introduces you to:

Bringing to the Web a Fortune 500 Structure

• Punching the Clock
• The Annoying Commute
• Padding someone else’s pocket
• And the potential of being Unemployed

A Business Model that Works for You Instead of you working for it and opens the door to the Global Economy

The Dan Moody School of Business helps you connect the dots, whether new to the web world or as proficient webbie. The Business School and the Marketing School can help you start a business, incorporate, lock in your unique domain name, and Build a sales team, as well as provide you with the tools and training to be successful in any business venture.

Don’t miss the new: danmoodyschoolofmarketing.com with some of the best marketing tools available. (under construction)


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