Truth to Power (T2P) Launches as the First Community-Driven Research Resource to Holistically Address Business and Information Governance

"No-bull, no-bias" principle, strong research foundation, and collaborative community platform plug the gaps for business, IT, audit, and legal professionals.

Seattle, WA, November 05, 2008 --( Truth to Power, LLC today announced the formal launch of the Truth to Power Association (T2P, a major independent research and community portal dedicated to improving business governance by improving the way businesses govern information.

"T2P is a no-bull, no-bias bridge between business governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) practices that underpin business profitability and sustainability," says T2P founder Cass Brewer. "By providing a common-sense research and knowledge hub, we're building a central nervous system for business and technology intelligence—literally, a brain the size of the planet. Everyone can tap into it."

T2P works with thought leaders, industry associations, practitioners, and businesses to build a common platform of practical knowledge, research, tools, and advice for business governance, risk management, and compliance. By approaching issues such as Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, PCI, data protection, e-discovery, project management, and performance management at the process and information levels, T2P helps corporate leaders to find the commonalities and optimization opportunities that span conventional business practices and organizational roles.

Knowledge is Power: Free Research and Resources

T2P seeks to free managers, auditors, and other GRC professionals from knowledge boundaries and conceptual limitations that obscure risk opportunities and impede business performance. To support this goal, T2P's fast-growing research base includes:

-- T2P Rules Hub: a free knowledgebase of key regulations, frameworks, and other guidance for information security, records management, IT auditing, IT investment management, and more

-- IT Policy Wiki, part of the GRC Community Wiki Projects: an open, collaborative repository of dozens of customizable policies for information security, data management, change management, and more.

-- U2P Advise & Act Roster: a running chronicle of standards drafts and rules proposals open to community comment.

-- GRCpedia Wiki, part of the GRC Community Wiki Projects: An open, collaborative bank of governance, risk management, and compliance terminology

-- Good Free Tools: A database of free, authoritative, and interactive resources that support GRC goals

-- Filtered News Feeds: Daily categorized news updates, painstakingly vetted and filtered for relevance and utility from hundreds of news sources

In addition, T2P publishes a growing body of original analysis and advice offering unique, practical insight on specific business, technology, audit, and regulatory issues. All of these resources are free, many are collaborative, and each is vetted against hype and bias.

Community is Authority: Truth to Power Cores

T2P is the first open publishing resource to cultivate the cross-pollination of experience-based GRC knowledge in fields as disparate as process improvement, practical security, data governance, and eco-auditing. Truth to Power Cores are topical resource portals run by community experts with extraordinary knowledge of business, IT, audit, and legal practices. By sharing practice-based insight and collaborative interaction, Core Guides provide a rare source of vendor-neutral analysis and advice.

"IT and business leaders make their own decisions; often the 'official' guidance is just a starting point. T2P Core Guides are committed thought leaders with deep experience in their chosen areas—often with battle scars to prove it. We are deeply honored to be able to offer their practical insight and accessibility. Now everyone can benefit from what they've learned," Brewer says.

More Truth, More Power

In coming months, T2P will expand its support of the GRC community through:

1) New education and research offerings, additional Cores, and free interactive tools

2) Formal and informal relationships with other organizations and associations that support business and IT governance

3) Community projects and working groups with concrete solution objectives.

To access new offerings, subscribe to progress reports, and be notified of new project openings, interested parties may register at no cost at T2P's Web site,

About Truth to Power, LLC and T2P

Founded on the principles of knowledge, utility, credibility, and community, Truth to Power, LLC provides critical information resources for humans and machines. T2P's guiding principles are: 1) To provide genuinely useful, unbiased business research and resources that help businesses reduce operational costs and uncover capital opportunities; 2) To reveal alignment between siloed business disciplines, organizations, frameworks, and practices; and 3) to enable and encourage community members to share practical experience and expertise towards a common good. Membership and resources are free. Be a part of Truth to Power at

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