Fidelity Independent Adviser’s Donald R. Dion, Jr. Analyzes Impact of Obama Presidency

Fidelity Independent Adviser's Don Dion analyzes the potential impact of the Obama presidency.

Williamstown, MA, November 07, 2008 --( Donald R. Dion, Jr., the president and chief investment officer of Dion Money Management and publisher of Fidelity Independent Adviser teamed up with Phil Orlando, the senior equity market strategist at Pittsburgh-based Federated Investors, to analyze the impact that Obama’s policies will have on the economy when he takes office in January. Dion’s election analysis is currently viewable at:

“It’s important that investors make appropriate adjustments to their portfolios,” Dion said, “especially now that we know Obama will be our next President.” Dion said. Dion, a registered investment adviser who has offices in Naples, FL and Williamstown, MA, discussed the impact that Obama’s presidency would have on taxes, healthcare, energy and the financial markets in the short video conference released November 5.

“Big win for Senator Obama,” Orlando said, “he’s an incredibly articulate and charismatic individual. Americans were certainly dissatisfied with the economy and the war in Iraq, and Obama is going to bring the sort of change people want in areas like healthcare energy and taxes.”

Dion, who believes that capital gains and dividend taxes could increase during the Obama presidency, said that he would be reallocating clients’ portfolio more towards growth industries. “Obama has also made a big push toward health care,” Dion noted, “so that is another area that we will be allocating assets to.”

Orlando believes that the market may see gains in the short term in light of Obama’s election. “We are optimistic that historically when a new democratic administration comes in, the stock market tends to perform well,” Orlando said, “but given our questions and concerns about the economy, we recommend a cautions allocation is an appropriate course.”

While Orlando and Dion believe that Obama’s presidency could have negative effects on large pharmaceuticals, they believe that the new administration could be positive for hospitals and health care providers. “Hospitals will certainly benefit from Obama’s policy if more Americans are covered by health care plans,” Dion said.

Both Dion and Orlando agree that current market conditions have made it extremely difficult for many individual investors to manage their investments and savings. “It’s a very exciting time in the market—now that we have a new president,” Dion said, “but it will demand a lot of attention and care.

Orlando, who believes that we are at a “critical inflection point in the market”, encourages investors to seek professional financial advice when trying to “make sense” of the financial climate in the wake of the election. “Don Dion is one of the best financial advisers in the business,” Orlando concluded, “I am proud to be on this podium with him.”

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