Bizymoms Provides Environmental Information on Plastic Bags

Bizymoms Cares is a series of sections that focus on specific matters that society is facing. The latest section on Conservation is informational on plastic bags, their use, their advantages, but more than the most, the disadvantages and dangers. This will be a motivation to most citizens to initiate steps towards reducing the usage of plastic bags and bring closer the date of eradicating plastic bags from the face of the earth.

Brampton, Canada, November 09, 2008 --( Although plastic bags have many uses many don’t think about its dangers to the environment when discarded. Every 100 billion plastic bags thrown into the environment as garbage, is equivalent to pouring nearly 12 million barrels of oil into the environment.

Their care segment on plastic bags will provide one with vital information and what they can do to lower the amount of usage of plastic bags.


Bizymoms is proud to be recognized for its dedication towards providing the public, especially women all over the world with valuable information, assistance and services towards the betterment of their lives. Bizymoms care section, is putting together the best information and services and strive to be recognized as the best source of information on these specific topics, with this being on Plastic bags.

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