Sylver Consulting Helps Paslode and Vocollect Healthcare Systems Respond to the Needs of Their Customers

Leveraging their expertise in customer-driven research and value-based innovation, Sylver Consulting helps Paslode and Vocollect Healthcare Systems alter their sales strategies in ways that better align with the expectations of their customers.

Chicago, IL, November 09, 2008 --( Sylver Consulting, an innovation research firm based in Chicago, IL, helps two companies, Paslode and Vocollect Healthcare Systems, to better align their products and processes to the meet the expectations of their customers.

For Paslode, Sylver Consulting recently conducted a shopability study designed to assess the effectiveness of their new Cordless Framing Nailer product packaging and point-of-purchase (POP) marketing strategy. This approach has yielded great savings as Sylver and Paslode were able to identify and target which POP elements offer the most guidance to buyers of the new framing nailer and its accessories. Additionally, actions that have been taken as a result of the study’s recommendations guarantee that customers will always leave the store with the supplies necessary to operate the framing nailer, thereby ensuring that customer satisfaction is upheld.

For Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Sylver worked to understand what "success" meant to their clients, knowing that this information would help them to make decisions on where future investments in their business should be directed. A series of eight Innovation Planning Workshops were conducted (four internal to Vocollect Healthcare Systems and four with their long-term care clients). Results generated have provided Vocollect Healthcare Systems with clear directions on how they can improve their AccuNurse® voice-assisted care product, its implementation and support operations to more effectively deliver “success” to their clients.

As Jim Logan of Vocollect Healthcare Systems simply states, “You can never go wrong with doing things right the first time.”

Brianna Sylver, President of Sylver Consulting, further elaborates, “These recent projects illustrate how a bit of upfront investment in understanding how your customer interprets your world can go a long way for providing direction, and ultimately enabling you to cut costs in development and implementation. With certainty, these two studies have empowered Paslode and Vocollect Healthcare Systems to be more targeted with their offering in the market, and as a result will enable them to strengthen their relationships with their customers, build equity in their brands and differentiate themselves from their competition.”

About Sylver Consulting
Sylver Consulting is an innovation product research firm whose offerings extend beyond the capabilities offered by traditional marketing research firms. The principal qualitative research method used in Sylver’s work is Design Ethnography. With a focus on customer-driven innovation, Sylver Consulting’s areas of expertise are designed to fully support R&D, product development and marketing functions within an organization. The firm’s core services include: Innovation Research, Innovation Planning Workshops, Integrated Custom Research and Cross Border Research.

About Paslode
Paslode, a division of Illinois Tool Works, is a leading manufacturer of cordless and pneumatic nailers, staplers, and fasteners. The company's products are widely used by professional remodelers and carpenters for framing, sheathing, trim and finish applications, fencing, floor and roof decking, siding, and insulation.

About Vocollect Healthcare Systems
AccuNurse voice-assisted care from Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Inc. makes it easy for healthcare professionals to retrieve care needs on-demand, chart activities as they are completed, and Silent Page each other for help. Organizations using AccuNurse benefit from lower operating costs, maximized reimbursements, and improved quality of care. Vocollect Healthcare Systems is a subsidiary of Vocollect, Inc., the global leader in voice technology and delivering performance improvements in productivity, accuracy, cost reduction and worker satisfaction for mobile employees on six continents.

AccuNurse® is a registered trademark of Vocollect Healthcare Systems.

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