Online Accounting Aids to Save Money Through Web Shepherd

Online accounting battles overspending to help consumers save money. Americans can plainly see what is coming in, going out, and where it lands when the dust settles. When money is tight it pays to manage finances closely.

Omaha, NE, December 12, 2008 --( Last month, Web Shepherd offered Quicken's newly released 2009 software series. Along with this release, the online accounting service price changed from $2.99/month to free. This means that anyone with internet access can sign-up through and manage their finances with automated calculation.

It is so easy to overspend and Americans should know. The average American household has about $118,000 worth of debt, including mortgage, credit-card, auto and college loans, according to Federal Reserve data published in the AARP Bulletin in September 2008.

Along with the debt, it has been shown that food prices have risen 24 percent, fuel and utilities have gone up 48 percent, and transportation costs increased 33 percent, according to a Washington think tank using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are multiple features included in the updated online accounting service. These tools include: transaction categories, transaction history, custom date range, budgeting, bill reminder, financial answers from experts, and colored pie charts.

Playing right into the coming financial downturn, a survey performed in January of 2008 found that 3 out of 4 QuickBooks users agree it’s really helpful during tough economic conditions. Web Shepherd now offers this essential tool at no charge.

With the recession predicted to continue, consumers are tightening their belt and looking for tools to use each dollar efficiently. Budgeting is becoming more of a priority with households turning to services to help them with accuracy.

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Joe Coffee
Web Shepherd

Web Shepherd
Joe Coffee