New Consultants Lack Vital Sales Skills

New consultants entering the market may know their stuff but are lacking the crucial sales skills they need to succeed in an increasingly crowded marketplace, according to business development specialist and ‘Accidental Salesman’ Richard White.

Surrey, United Kingdom, November 20, 2008 --( According to Richard, running your own business suddenly makes you realise the kind of skills you need to develop, with selling being one the most difficult areas to master. He believes that the most successful consultants will be those who learn how to package and sell themselves just like they were a product.

Richard suggests that consultants need to be able to market and publicise themselves and stand out from the crowd by building their own personal brand, reputation, and credibility. And whilst this may not happen overnight, in order to be successful they need other people to be recommending them as well as finding their own opportunities.

“However, selling yourself as a credible consultant is not the same as selling and marketing tins of baked beans! In some ways it is easier and other ways it is harder as relationships, trust, and credibility are such a key element and these skills need to be developed over time”, explains Richard, who recently launched free online business resource The Accidental Salesman to compliment his highly acclaimed workshop ‘The Lead Generation Masterclass’.

Richard believes that the best time to start learning these skills is when you do not need them – whilst you still have a job by doing an evening class at the local college for example, but in the current climate many do not have this luxury and so Richard recommends searching the Internet for valuable advice and guidance.

“Selling oneself is like any other skill. If you set your mind to learn it you will and if you avoid learning it you will. Selling is a fact of life for everyone and the people who tend to succeed in life are the ones that have learnt how to sell themselves, albeit very subtly”, adds Richard.

Richard will be holding his next Lead Generation Masterclass in Central London on 1st December 2008. For further information on attending this popular event or for free sales advice, tips and resources, visit <> or email


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