FRSecure Threat Advisory: Increased Criminal Activity Expected This Holiday Season

Factors Cited for Projected Fraud Increase.

Waconia, MN, November 20, 2008 --( FRSecure LLC, a leading full-service, information security consulting and solutions firm, is warning small and medium-sized business operators of a potential significant increase in information-related crimes this holiday season.

“There is always an increase in the frequency and impact of information related crimes during the holiday season, but there are tangible factors this year that may contribute to a significant increase this holiday season,” said Evan Francen, CEO and Partner of FRSecure. “There is a general emphasis being placed on making consumers aware of risks, but we are not seeing enough information security professionals reaching out to small and medium-sized businesses. The risks are real and any realized threat could have devastating consequences for the business and operator. We want to do whatever we can to help.”

Among the factors cited by the FRSecure:

A stagnant or slowing economy exhibiting higher unemployment, price volatility and credit market troubles. During economic down-turns, legitimate money is harder to come by, which typically equates to more criminal enterprise.

A more sophisticated and motivated pool of attackers. The move from attacks meant to gain notoriety to attacks meant for monetary gain is still continuing and it has been for some time. The amount of “how to” information about committing crimes using ill-gotten information is vast and criminals are constantly leveraging this information to perpetuate fraud.

Potential consequences of lost or stolen information should be assessed objectively. Consequences could include lost consumer confidence and sales, damaged reputation, civil lawsuits and fines to name a few.

To help protect them from the projected increase in fraud this holiday season, FRSecure is urging businesses to remain diligent and review the following recommendations.

1. Increase employee training and awareness, specifically in how to spot and respond to bad checks, fake IDs, stolen credit cards, and anything that seems out of the ordinary.

2. Destroy all documents that may contain confidential information instead of discarding in the trash or dumpster. Employ a paper shredder.

3. Secure wireless networks. The notorious compromise of TJX systems involving more than 45 million credit card numbers was a wireless attack.

4. Restrict access to Point-Of-Sale systems and back office spaces.

5. Do not store any unneeded or prohibited (by law or regulation) confidential information.

6. Patch computer systems and applications.

7. Install and test security software and hardware.

8. Review and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

For more tips on how to make your business information more secure and your holiday season less stressful, please visit FRSecure online at, or contact them at

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