New UHF GEN 2 RFID One Time Seal Tamper Proof Tag from SkyRFID Inc.

SkyRFID announces their new UHF GEN 2 One Time Seal Tamper Proof Tag with a 3 ~ 5 meter (10 ~ 16 feet) read distance. Perfect for sealing trailers, containers, evidence boxes, confiscated goods, buildings, rooms, and virtually any item that you want 100% accurate knowledge of any tampering.

Cambridge, Ontario, MA, November 21, 2008 --( SkyRFID Inc. just announced the availability of their new Gen 2 UHF RFID inlay One Time Seal Tamper Proof Tag for security against tampering. This tag is perfect for any application that should or is using a manual seal to monitor tamper evidence. This includes trailer door lockouts after the contents have been inspected, machinery and equipment in local or remote areas, lockouts for machinery and equipment during maintenance, evidence tampering and more.

This new Gen 2 RFI inlay provides a tag of 33 cm long with a 3 cm wide tag area and a 20.5 cm tie strap (13 inches, 1.18 inches, 7.8 inches tie strap) with a heavy duty tie gripper lock with steel inserts that instantly bites into the tie strap when you insert the strap into the gripper. This physical strength of the gripper ensures that the strap can not be taken out of the gripper unless it is destroyed physically making it ideal for any situation where you need to know that there has been no tampering.

This plastic Tamper Proof Seal with an IP rating of 66 has an area of 85 mm x 25 mm (3.34 inches x 0.98 inches) where you can place a readable label with text and a barcode if desired. The RFID inlay in the tag can be programmed it as required with any decimal or hexadecimal combinations making it easy to identify the tag with a specific evidence box, a specific trailer, a specific maintenance person and more.

Now enforcement personnel can use portable UHF RFID readers and visually look at tags plus have 100% identification that the item has not been tampered with – great for customs inspectors as when they seal a trailer after inspection they can record the ID of the tag and then send that information to the receiving inspector who can easily verify if the contacts have been tampered with. This can speed up customs inspections with improved visibility and accuracy. The tag can be read at any temperature between -20°C and 80°C making it perfect for trailers and containers sitting out in the customs areas day after day until they are picked up or moved elsewhere.

For evidence tracking this new tag can be used to seal evidence boxes and then inventories can easily be taken. If the tag ID does not show on the scan then the evidence has been tampered with. No more manual seals that can easily be duplicated.

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