PCG Announces “Partnership for Profit” Program for Agents, Affiliates, and Small Business

Tampa, FL, November 26, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Payroll Consultants Group (PCG) a growing leader in the provision of payroll services, workers comp and general liability coverage, today announced the expansion of profit solutions to agents, affiliates and other service providers serving small business clients. The expansion of their partnership opportunities provide additional revenue and profit opportunities for many business owners impacted by the recent downturn in the real estate and housing market. PCG partners are able to provide valuable savings to their clients while enhancing their own bottom line profits.

As the economy continues to experience a downturn due to decline in real estate values and rising cost of fuel, the need for small business owners to provide meaningful employee incentives and compete in a tightening market has outpaced the ability of most small business owners. Hiring Full-time staff and expensive consultants is rarely feasible in the current economic downturn creating further pressures on the time and profit of general contractors and other small business owners.

To bridge the gap, PCG was formed to provide comprehensive employment solutions to small business owners at a fraction of the cost associated with hiring in-house staff. Frustrated by the lack of competitive pricing and choices, PCG is a brokerage designed to obtain the best rates and lowest prices even for those hard to place industries. Their extensive network and large purchasing power allows them to succeed where others have failed.

The PCG Partnership for Profit Program is easy to join and the perfect way to increase your own revenue. If you work with any of the following clients make it a priority to pick up the phone and find out how you can join the PCG Partnership for Profit program.

• Start-Up Companies
• Small Business Owners
• Contractors or Construction Related Firms
• Trucking Companies
• Temp Services
• Job Placement Agencies

Remember, the PCG Partnership for Profit program is completely Free to qualified sales, affiliates, small business owners and others that work with the above listed companies. Expand your revenue and increase profits with one quick phone call to PCG for more information.

About Payroll Consultants Group

PCG is a full service solution representing various employee leasing companies and prides itself on their unique capacity to handle even the most difficult to place clients with ease. Their partners enjoy expansive revenue and profit potential through generous affiliate relationships.

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