Take Control of Business Processes with New QPR 8 Business Process Management Platform

QPR Software Plc has announced the release of QPR 8 – the new version of its integrated management system. The Business Process Management platform has many enhanced features compared to previous product generations, including more efficient support for Risk Management and Quality Compliance, and easy integration with Microsoft Office and Sharepoint.

Helsinki, Finland, November 28, 2008 --(PR.com)-- "QPR 8 integrated management system is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way for organizations all around the world to take control of their human-centric business processes. As a ready-to-use Business Process Management solution QPR 8 is fast to implement.

"QPR 8 covers Process, Performance, Risk and Quality management. It also adapts quickly to business changes and improves customer’s ability to adapt to changes. Customers have indicated that easiness to use is a key strength of QPR products and we are proud to deliver QPR 8 with highly visual and intuitive user interface for business people," QPR Software President and CEO Jari Jaakkola comments and continues:

"QPR has strong business expectations for the version 8. As the global economy is slowing down, we have already seen growing interest from organizations looking for tools to take more control of their businesses. With QPR 8 we now provide the best business process management platform for managing processes, performance, risk and quality compliance."

Since the launch of QPR 7 generation in 2003, QPR has implemented more than 2.800 new features and functionalities to its’ QPR ScoreCard and QPR ProcessGuide products as well as introduced the QPR FactView and QPR WorkFlow products.

"QPR 8 is the integrated management system that covers all business needs related to Process, Performance, Risk and Quality Management. Some highlights of 8.0 new functionality include new QPR Web Services Foundation and QPR Add-In for Microsoft® Office for more effective reporting capabilities and out of the box integration with Microsoft® Office SharePoint for document management with version control", says Tony Virtanen, Vice President, Products & Support at QPR.

In QPR 8, the process modeling capabilities have been extended to easier capture, maintain, extract and audit process, risk and quality related information. QPR 8 also includes easy to use performance visualization and dash boarding capabilities with risk heat maps, pie and donut charts to complement its’ extensive selection of chart templates. This makes business process management faster, easier and more efficient.

New licensing options for QPR 8 make it easy to start the project as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) project and gradually roll-out the implementation to corporate level site license. QPR works together with strategic customers and partners to develop products and to obtain innovate new ideas to continuously make products faster, easier to use and more efficient. As research analyst Simon Holloway from Bloor research (www.bloor-research.com/) stated in a recent QPR Webinar:

"The QPR’s Integrated Management System provides an impressive portfolio with an innovative approach based around flexibility, whilst at the same time providing the necessary IT controls and business user ease of use requirements that are needed."

QPR 8 is available through QPR partners globally (please see http://www.qpr.com). The new generation of QPR Software’s integrated management system includes and combines QPR ScoreCard performance management software and QPR ProcessGuide process modeling and analysis software. QPR provides easy to use tools for existing QPR customers to upgrade to new QPR 8.

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