Announces New Automated Lead Follow-Up and Automated Lead Nurturing Software Technology Built for Manufacturing Companies and Sales Channels has just announced a new automated lead distribution and follow up technology to distribute sales leads, track sales leads and to automate the lead nurturing process to convert more sales leads to ready for sale status. Manufacturing companies can speed communication to and from direct and indirect sales men to boost sales efficiency and new business.

Southlake, TX, December 02, 2008 --( has just announced the release of a sales lead automated lead follow-up technology to boost demand generation and lead conversion rates. Designed for manufacturing business units which sell through distribution channels. the new module is now offered as part of the flagship sales lead management software suite

VP of Business Development Peter Fuller commented at a recent Packaging trade show, says, "LeadNET, now part of our flagship lead management suite, eliminates the high cost of CRM software and the burden of CRM training for for direct and in-direct salespeople. Our LeadNET module solves the lead follow-up mystery which pains manufacturing companies that sell with manufacturing reps and distributors. Now, with LeadNET, enterprises can get real-time sales data and accurate lead information from direct sales people and in-direct sales people, using a "Smart Email" notification and follow up request notification. Enterprises with many sales people and many sales partners will boost sales efficiency because no lead goes untouched, no sales lead falls through the cracks. This boosts lead qualification rates and sales opportunity close rates and shortens sales cycles."

Marc Missera, of Rena Systems a packaging manufacturer, states; "Distribution sales are hitting new levels with LeadNET. And we have added dozens of new distributors in new markets. LeadNET makes this simple to do and simple to manage. This simple lead distribution and tracking tool has cut our lead management costs and has boosted qualified leads. We are winning more mind share with our distribution network by being easier to communicate with and collaborate with. This is a great tool."

This new Sales Software offers Manufacturing Companies:

>>Detailed Relationship Module for Accounts, Contacts, Partners, and Principals.

>>Simplified Lead Distribution to direct and in-direct salespeople measuring all sales men efforts and results.

>>Automated lead follow-up technology requests sales lead updates from all sales men to maximize lead conversion lead nurturing to ready for sale

>>Automatic Sales Forecast Creation from all sales men and selling partners.

OnlineSalesSoftware has created a LeadNET showcase video. This video shows the lead distribution and update process using flash format. This 5 minute video will be sent to all requesters. OnlineSalesSoftware asks all that wish to view this video to send a request via email to, please put leadnet in the subject line.

Alternatively, the video can be viewed by filling out a simple request form here:

OnlineSalesSoftware is a specialist online sales software maker based in Southlake, Texas. Online sales tools, focused on demand generation and sales efficiency, are designed for manufacturing companies and lead intensive businesses which use sales channels and sales partners to sell products and services.

Peter Fuller