Virtual Staffers Avoid Bleak Car Market, Some Economy Woes

Virtual Workers Have Office in a Box with HP.

Ouray, CO, December 01, 2008 --( A new look at telecommuting workers has found that technology may shield these folks from the worst of the economic crisis. Examining the team of virtual assistants at Team Double-Click® yields some fascinating results: virtual assistants report more work, high job satisfaction, and, in some cases, fewer economic woes than their traditionally-employed counterparts.

“Part of the reality of our economy is that businesses still need services but cannot always afford to hire full-time staff,” reports Gayle Buske, president and CEO of Team Double-Click®. She thinks that as a result “Employers are more likely to take on virtual workers, who require less supervision, less office space and a more modest budget.” That means that virtual assistants at Team Double-Click® can expect steady work even when other industries are worried about lay-offs.

Another economic advantage for telecommuting workers is less reliance on a lengthy and expensive commute. “Virtual assistants can work at home. Their computer is essentially their office, connecting them to money-making opportunities the world over and even allowing them to capitalize on requests from clients in more prosperous corners of the globe,” says Buske. In most jobs, it takes money to get to work. Many workers need a car and a career wardrobe for the office, money for lunch out and other work-related expenses. This is simply not the case for virtual contractors at Team Double-Click®, where the computer replaces the office.

And now, thanks to a strategic alliance with HP, Team Double-Click® virtual assistants will be able to enjoy a better office, even when the economy is tough. The new partnership with the computer giant will allow Team Double-Click® virtual assistants and clients alike to enjoy discounts on all HP products. HP will offer free ground shipping as well as instant price reductions as part of the partnership. “We’re very excited about the new partnership with HP,” says Buske. “It’s a great way to ensure that our team and our clients have the technology needed to meet work requirements in today’s economy.”

About Team Double-Click®:

Established in 2000, Team Double-Click® has grown into the country’s largest virtual staffing firm. Team Double-Click® offers virtual assistant services that range from general administrative, sales and marketing, human resources, finance, to real estate transaction coordination. The company takes care of the screening, managing, and payment of virtual assistants. Team Double-Click® even carefully monitors the relationship between a client and virtual assistants to ensure maximum value for businesses. Team Double-Click® combines unparalleled staffing expertise with a dedication to improve clients' and virtual assistants’ businesses and profits. Team Double-Click® is currently the only virtual staffing firm to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

For more information on how a virtual assistant can help you save time and money in your business, visit or call 888.827.9129.

About HP:

HP is one of the most recognized technology brand names in the world. The company founded in 1939, currently operates in more than 170 countries. Producing everything from handheld devices and printers to supercomputer installations and laptops, HP is recognized both by the business consumer and the home computer buyer. Among the company’s more recognized offerings are: mobile computing devices, workstations, PCs, inkjet printers, LaserJet printers, commercial printing installations, printing supplies, digital photography technology, entertainment systems, servers, managed services, and software. Through a company called EDS, HP delivers business technology services to governments and private sector companies.

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