The Swinden Group Helps Companies Stay Ahead of the Storm

The Swinden Group helps companies weather the storms with Weather Risk Management services in order to better prepare for a business impacting severe weather events.

Evergreen, CO, December 07, 2008 --( November 30th marked the end of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which was the second most destructive and costliest hurricane season ever with approximately $54 billion in cyclone related damages in the United States. But hurricanes alone are not responsible for deaths, destruction, and business interruptions that cost companies every year in damages, lost time and lost revenue. Ice storms, blizzards, floods, severe thunderstorms capable of producing baseball sized hail and destructive tornadoes all contribute to a company’s risk management exposure when dealing with Mother Nature.

Severe Weather Advisories, produced by The Swinden Group has been assisting companies to stay ahead of Mother Nature’s wrath by providing a daily severe weather briefing that highlights the “hot spots” in terms of severe weather not only in the United States, but around the globe. Companies such as Eli Lilly, Hyatt International, and Cardinal Health all subscribe to the Swinden Group’s Severe Weather Advisories to better manage major business impacting events, such as Hurricane Ike that battered the US in early September.

No longer a “wait and see” approach.

“During the 2005 Hurricane season, I began advising my clients of approaching major weather events starting with Hurricane Katrina”, explains Matthew Swinden, President of The Swinden Group. “I advised them that it was going to be a large and destructive storm, and that they needed to prepare for it days in advance. However, many companies at that time still took a ‘wait and see’ approach to the hurricane and in the end it cost them. Now in 2008, those same companies want to know early on when a severe weather event will impact their business, so that they can take the appropriate actions to help mitigate the loss.”

Knowing that a storm or destructive weather event will occur is critical in Crisis Management and mitigation. The more advanced warning, the better the company can prepare for the event.

In addition to Risk Management, corporate aviation, travel, executive, and security departments of companies also subscribe to the Severe Weather Advisories as the weather affects many different operations within an organization.

“The Severe Weather Advisories are transmitted to subscribers via email”, says Swinden. “Since most people have their emails forwarded to their cells phones, they are always kept ahead of the storm.”

Matthew Swinden founded The Swinden Group in 2007 to provide corporations security, investigations, and risk management services worldwide.

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