New and Easier Simulation Software Reduces Call Center Complexity and Cost

The latest release of SimzCC features a new user interface and added functionality allowing quicker and easier analysis of staffing, routing and prioritization decisions. SimzCC supports multiple media types such as inbound and outbound calls, emails, instant messages, voicemail, and automated callbacks.

San Diego, CA, December 08, 2008 --( Call center workflow processes are often complex and difficult to optimize. While simulating routing, staffing and contact prioritization has proven to be the most effective way to increase efficiency and reduce costs, developing a realistic simulation, using most simulation software, can take months of work. Most simulation software is designed to be general enough to model stores, bottling plants or circuit diagrams – the effort required to adapt general simulation software to model call center processes can be extensive.

The latest release of SimzCC is designed specifically to reduce costs and improve service in call centers. Call center simulations can be developed within hours, and modified within minutes. SimzCC incorporates pre-designed call center building blocks, such as agent groups, or inbound calls, that are simply and intuitively placed on a workspace and then easily configured to model almost any call center work process. There is no proprietary programming language. Outputs of a SimzCC simulation include all the important call center metrics, such as service level, average speed of answer, longest wait, abandonment and agent utilization.

Use SimzCC to predict:
- An improvement in service level from 13% to 89% answered in 30 seconds by adding 5% more staff
- A degradation in service level from 79% to 22% answered in 60 seconds by adding 30 seconds more after call documentation
- A 5 minute reduction in average speed of answer by combining two previously separate skill groups.
- A reduction in expense of over $450,000 by cross-training a group with one skill to handle two skills.

SimzCC was designed to numerically and graphically show the results of real-world decisions impacting call centers and to predict how changes in staffing, average handle time, volumes or routing would affect costs and service levels, without experimenting on customers.

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