Excentual Enterprises Introduces Stopshox™, an Invention That Eliminates Static Electricity Shock

Chandler, AZ, April 22, 2005 --( Excentual Enterprises, LLC announced today the introduction of a small, inexpensive device that eliminates static electricity shock. The product is StopShox™ (patent pending), containing electronic circuitry for the prevention of shocks and the reduction of sparks caused by static electricity when touching an object or another person.

Static electricity creates painful shocks when touching door handles, car doors, other metal objects or even another person. This new product represents an inexpensive yet practical solution that prevents shock from static electricity. Analysts state that StopShox™ safely reduces the rate that electrical charge or static electricity leaves the human body to about 1% of what a person experiences with no protection.

StopShox™ requires no batteries and fits on your key chain, purse, wallet, or in your pocket, allowing the device to be with you where you are most likely to be shocked. A customer in Maine states, “I just wanted to let you know that I love the StopShox. I can't believe it! I can get files out of the file cabinets at work without getting shocked every single time. I can finally go grocery shopping without getting a painful shock every time I touch a can or shelf. I used to dread opening doors because of the static shock. I used to receive dozens of shocks daily; I haven't received a single shock since I started using StopShox. Thank you so much for such a helpful product.”

Steve Brundula, President of Excentual Enterprises, LLC states: “The intention of StopShox™ is to eliminate the pain and anticipation of getting shocked from static electricity. Our aim is to serve society to the maximum of our ability; therefore, when we saw our employees and friends uncomfortable with static, we wanted to provide a solution.”

StopShox™ is now available at for $7.29 or by calling 480.390.8249 to order. The company’s fax is 480.905.8388.

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Steve Brundula