First Coast Barter Announces Launch in St. Augustine

Barter is considered the oldest form of commerce. In the early centuries, all trade was done by barter. Today, these types of transactions have turned into sophisticated business practices adopted by thousands of companies worldwide. Many of the Fortune 500 companies engage in barter to one degree or another. Businesses can trade their excess time, product, food, service, or rooms at full retail to buy (on trade) things that they are paying cash for currently.

St. Augustine, FL, December 14, 2008 --( First Coast Barter allows its members the ability to get items available for barter through their affiliation with The Trade Banc. “We have taken trade to the next level for the 21st century by giving members access to goods and services not just in their local area, but all across North America,” explained Tim Foust, president of the company. The technology of the internet allows thousands of members the ability to trade together with just a click of the mouse.

First Coast Barter with it's membership in the tradebanc give it's customers over 40,000 business to barter with nation wide. “We are very excited about launching our St. Augustine office, because we believe this concept will be a great asset to the business community”, says Foust.

The First Coast Barter website lets members search the many available products and services, list what they have to offer, and also post wanted ads. They can even arrange travel accommodations on barter all online. When buyers and sellers find a match, the online system handles the transaction and credits their trade accounts accordingly.

First Coast Barter can be utilized by practically any type of business selling goods or services. “It’s really a simple choice”, says Foust. “If you had to make a purchase, would you rather trade what you do or what you sell, or would you rather write a check for it?”

For additional information on First Coast Barter, contact Tim Foust at (904) 827-7500 or visit

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