Melanson Consulting Introduces a New Branding Application Called Jaw Branding™ - Only Conversational Application for Brand Positioning

Likely to stir some controversy, this product and book of the same name by Stephen Melanson introduces a new verbal application for brand positioning. Finally, a reason to throw away the elevator pitch. Why controversy? This book expresses the conviction that Jaw Branding is an irreplaceable branding element, and superior to other services or methods now available for direct interactions.

Arlington, MA, January 07, 2009 --( Current branding techniques continue to lack the resonance, impact and productivity most organizations are looking for. “When projects are over”, Melanson said, “employees are asked to explain how they position themselves and still give as many answers as people asked. This all but guarantees a weakened brand, especially on the front lines of prospect and client interactions.”

Without Jaw Branding, according to Mr. Melanson, all branding projects have elements of incompleteness and underperformance. Jaw Branding solves this dilemma by offering a platform to understand, apply verbally, and derive cultural confidence from a company’s best positioning. When used in conversations, it’s a superior strategy to traditional sales or communications tactics.

This book offers light-hearted expertise along with some sarcastic criticism for traditional sales and communications strategies – implicitly challenging providers to refresh stale tactics. It also explains Jaw Branding’s comprehensive nature, and relationship to memory and psychology, the dynamics of conversation, and why elevator pitches need to be forgotten, forever.

“Branding books don’t recognize that the most important branding moments are conversations”, said Melanson, adding. “Jaw Branding is the only method that truly bridges the gap to produce higher sales and internal cultural benefit.”

“It’s time to rethink how companies brand themselves,” said Stephen Davis, Managing Director of the CXO Advisory Group. “To stay ahead of the pack, each needs to be better than good; they need to be outstanding with a consistent image. Verbal branding is always overlooked but is a necessary branding component that must be taught.”

Stephen Melanson founded Melanson Consulting in 2004. He has twenty five years experience in marketing, sales, management, and business ownership. Clients have been of all sizes in nearly every industry sector.

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