YOUGO Network Goes Live

YOUGO network is dedicated to becoming a major resource to the small to medium size business owners and operators. Their services will benefit you personally and professionally.

Indianapolis, IN, January 15, 2009 --( YOUGO network is dedicated to the small to medium size business owners and operators. Owning and operating a thriving business is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences, YOUGO has compiled multiple resources to serve your business needs.

YOUGO goes live and sets out on a mission.

With a strict dedication to business owners and professionals in various industries, YOUGO has set out to provide multiple resources and services. With strategic planning and a solid commitment to the unique needs of each business, YOUGO is sure to provide individuals and companies with a sky rocketing success rate.

YOUGO Services

+ Website design
+ E-mail and "New" Text message Marketing
+ Person to Person Networking Site "Free"
+ Advertising and Marketing
+ Bartering Service "Free"
+ Recruitment Service


Johnnie Firari
Owner/Business Advisor
YOUGO Network

YOUGO network
Johnnie Firari